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Two big donations

  Great things happened in May. We received two big donations for the construction projects we support in Uganda. In agreement with the sponsors, one donation will be used to expand the new residential building in Wakikoola for the girls of Mirembe Cottage. In this way, we are also helping to ensure that the building can be completed before the girls are expected to move into their new home in August. There they will then live nearby to their new school, which already opened in February. Up to 60 girls can be accommodated in this house. This will allow Mirembe to provide twice as many girls with a safe home away from the streets as before. The second donation will be used to build another school for the Sonrise Children’s Home in Kamuli. The school system in Uganda consists of three different schools. Nursery School for children aged 3 to 6, Primary School forWeiterlesen / Continue reading

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

  The protection and security of your personal data is very important to us. We would therefore like to draw your attention to our new data protection declaration. Why are we updating? We herewith comply with the high requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union. The updated version is valid from today, the European law of the GDPR is binding for all from 25 May 2018. What exactly does this mean for you? With this change we want to make our terms easier for you to understand. You should know what happens to your data on our platform and what kind of control you have over it. Under the following link you will find the complete privacy policy: If you have any questions, you can always contact us at: We are obliged to keep you informed about changes to our privacy policy.

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Date for team trip 2018 is set

  Finally the date for our next team trip to Uganda is set. It starts on December 2, 2018. Some of us will stay until 2 January 2019, others will leave earlier. If you would like to join us on our team trip this year, please send an e-mail to Gabi will get in touch with you immediately and send you all necessary information.

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Parcels arrived

    Finally, all eight parcels we sent in March arrived in Uganda. The joy was huge. We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this possible. Thanks to everyone who donated so many beautiful things! Thanks to everyone who financed the shipping with donations! And of course thanks to all the wonderful helpers! Here are some photos of unpacking the packages and the great joy the donations created. You may even discover some of what you have donated in the pictures.   ​​    


Parcels on the way

    On March 23rd and 24th we were busy packing parcels again. Thanks to your donations of money and commodity items we were able to send a total of eight packages to Uganda with so urgently needed clothing, shoes, school materials, toys, books and much more. The growing number of residents can hardly wait to receive the parcels. This time four parcels were completely filled with commodity items donated from our friends in Amsterdam and the shipping was also financed by them. Many thanks for that. Many thanks also to our hard-working helpers Audrey, Beatriz, Gabi, Heidi, Helder, Louise, Manfred, Mario, Nina F., Nina J., Olaf, Sarah, Silvana and Susanne. You’ve done a great job!     The parcels are on their way to Uganda since 26 March 2018 and you can follow them via these links:    


New arrivals at Sonrise Baby’s Home

  In April 2018 we received triple growth in Sonrise Baby’s Home. Akol Haggai, 5 months (left), Jennifer Kisakye, 1 year (middle) and Bethany Nabwire, 1 1/2 years (right) . Haggai’s mother is currently looking for a job and hopes to be able to take him back in three years at the latest. Jennifer’s mother died shortly after giving birth. Her grandmother could hardly care for her due to the large number of her other grandchildren. That’s why she arrived at Sonrise Baby’s Home very malnourished. Jennifer’s mother was only 18 years old when she was born. Bethany’s mother was 19 years old when she got pregnant. Her father does not support her so Sonrise takes care of Bethany until she is three years old. Then her mother hopes to take care of her again. It is wonderful to know that the three are in good hands at Sonrise Baby’s Home.Weiterlesen / Continue reading


New arrival at Sonrise Baby’s Home

  In March 2018 we received a new baby at Sonrise Baby’s Home. Ruth, 5 weeks old. Unfortunately, as so often in Uganda, her 18-year-old mother died giving birth to Ruth. Her father does not feel able to take care of the newborn and the grandmother already has too many grandchildren in care. It is reassuring to know that Ruth is now in good hands with Auntie Peace at Sonrise Baby’s Home.


Article about donation campaign

On 14.02.2018 Gabi met with Stephan Karrash from ESKA Optik and an editor of the newspaper Lokalanzeiger Erkrath. The result of this meeting is a great article summarizing how successful the collection and distribution of reading glasses in Uganda was. You can find the article via this link: Have fun reading!


New arrival at Mirembe Cottage of Street Girls

At the end of January 2018, we received a new addition to the Mirembe Cottage of Street Girls. Sharuwa, a 10 year old girl. Her mother has recently passed away and neither her 19-year-old brother not her very old grandmother can take care of her. Sharuwa has no other close relatives and therefore moved to the Mirembe Cottage where she now has lots of loving sisters.


Projects combined

Our experience with the Peaces Hope website has shown that we still have to work on setting up and distributing our projects. So we decided to combine some projects and reduce their overall number. In the future, we want to concentrate on one construction project per home. The projects medicine, urgent needs and parcel delivery have been combined. This will enable us to respond even more effectively to the most urgent needs on site.