Christmas Gifts for the Sonrise Ministries 2019

We would like to give the children and caregivers at Sonrise Ministries and the families in Masese – a slum area in Jinja – individual presents to decorate Christmas.

With 20 Euro for a certain child or a freely selectable amount for the “big pot” we can buy educational toys, clothes, hygiene articles and food on the spot and thus prepare an unforgettable Christmas for everyone.

As in the previous year, you can continue to choose a child directly. The amount per child is still 20 Euro. Also the “big pot” is again from the part. In this pot one may pay any amount, if one does not want to decide for a child. At the end of the project we divide this amount between the children without direct donors, the carers of Sonrise Ministries and the families from Masese.

At the bottom of the page you can choose whether you want to donate for a child from the Sonrise Baby Home, Sonrise Children’s Home, a girl from the Mirembe Cottage of Street Girls, a caregiver child or for the “big pot”. The names are assigned from left to right. The colour change and the missing link to the donation form will show you immediately which child already has a sponsor. Orange = reserved/donation received, Turquoise = free. By clicking on “Donate” you will be asked to enter the child’s name and home in a form. As soon as we receive this form, we will block the child for other donors. Alternatively you can also choose the “big pot”. You will then receive the bank details for the donation account. Each child can only be selected once. Should there still be double donations, we will write to you.

In addition to the Christmas presents, the caregivers will also receive the product samples that have already been donated.

A click on one of the pictures below leads you to the selection of the children of the individual homes. You are also welcome to write your own Christmas card to your child, which we will take with us in our personal luggage. Preferably in English. You can either give us these cards personally or send them by post. Another little tip. The children are especially happy about photos of the donors. So they can immediately see who made the gift possible for them. Please do not give any other personal gifts to the children, as the number of children would overtax our luggage.

Sonrise Baby Home
Sonrise Children’s Home
Mirembe Cottage of Street Girls
Children of the caregivers
Pig pot