Construction Sonrise Children’s Home


Currently the Sonrise Children’s Home is situated in a rented building which doesn’t provide enough room for the increasing number of children for quite some time. Thanks to some donations we were able to buy a piece of land in Abutanula which is roughly a two-hours drive away from Jinja. There are several reasons why we bought a piece of land that far away. It was not only the prize, but also the Sonrise Ministries founders’ vision to help people not only within but also outside of their own organisation.

The extensive project envisages the construction of several buildings like a number of residential buildings for the children and staff, some school buildings, water wells, sanitary facilities, solar collectors, offices, a cafeteria, a hospital, a library, a guest house, a farm and many more. The project will be realised according to the incoming amount of donations. It will also benefit the surrounding community which currently lacks a school, hospital and only offers a few jobs.

The first three badly needed residential buildings are nearly finished as well as the first school building for which we were already able to collect 30,000 Euros even before the non-profit organisation was founded. Furthermore we were able to buy some farm animals.

At this time donations especially for sanitary – and solar facilities, furniture, household goods and school supplies are needed so that the children can move to their new home shortly.

For this project the amount of donations collected by Peace’s Hope e.V. has reached


33 Euro


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