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Information Event Teamtrip 2023

On June 14, 2023, there will be an information event for this year’s team trip. Here we will explain the project and answer all your questions. Even those who are undecided are cordially invited. Please send an email to if you would like to participate. Nadja will then send you all the details.

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Düsseldorf Volunteer Fair 2023

On June 3, 2023, the Düsseldorf Volunteer Fair 2023 will take place again in presence for a long time. Come by and inform yourself about the many beautiful projects in Düsseldorf. We from Peace’s Hope e.V. will also be there. Your children can learn at our booth how to make the paper beads that Uganda is famous for. They can make necklaces, bracelets or earrings out of them. Recycling in a different way.  

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Diary Team-Trip 2022

Here we will report again what our team has experienced on our trip from 07 November to 06 December 2022, what tasks we had locally and how your donations were used. Also this year, the diary will not only be written by one person, but each traveler will tell once from his perspective. We hope you enjoy reading it.   07.11.2022 (Gabi) I have about 24 hours of travel ahead of me, but I am full of anticipation to finally see all the children and caregivers of Sonrise Ministries again. The day already starts great. The cab driver who takes me to the airport is so interested in the project that he gives me cash right away and tells me to use it on site. The flights leave on time and Richard is already waiting for me at the airport. Tired, I go to bed around 2 a.m. local time.Weiterlesen / Continue reading

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School Sponsorship

  From now on we also offer school sponsorships for the babies of the Sonrise Baby Home in Wabirongo or a community child of the Sonrise Children’s Home in Kamuli or the Mirembe Cottage in Wakikoola. With this sponsorship you enable the babies and the community children to receive a school education, which is a good basis for their future life. In addition, the children receive two warm meals a day. Since the Baby Home unfortunately does not have its own school, the monthly costs are somewhat higher at 45 Euros. The community children in Kamuli and Wakikoola can attend the schools of Sonrise Ministries, so the costs here are 15 Euros per month. It would be wonderful if you could also sponsor a school uniform including socks and shoes for the children to start school. It always makes them so proud. The one-time costs for this are 30 EurosWeiterlesen / Continue reading

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Diary Team-Trip 2021

On this place we will again report on what our team experienced on our trip from 29 November to 23 December 2021, what tasks we had locally and how your donations were used. This year, too, the diary will not be written by just one person, but each of our fellow travellers will tell their story from their own perspective. We hope you enjoy reading it.   December 23, 2021 (Gabi) In the meantime, everyone from the team has arrived back home or at their next destination. During this team trip, we had to deal with unusually frequent power and water cuts due to heavy rainfall. The loss of a child particularly affected us and showed us again how different the chances of survival are in such a country compared to our home country. We have experienced the full range of emotions this time. Nevertheless, we also look back onWeiterlesen / Continue reading


Christmas presents 2017-2022

  Every year in September/October we start our Christmas project for the Sonrise Ministries in Uganda. We would like to make Christmas special for the children and caregivers as well as the families in Masese – a slum area in Jinja – with individual presents. With 20 Euros for a specific child or a freely chosen amount for the “big pot”, we can buy educational toys, clothes, toiletries and food on site and thus prepare an unforgettable Christmas for everyone. Over the years, we have gained many regular donors who donate for the same child every year and are eagerly following the development of the children. If you would like to be one of our regular donors, please contact Nina by e-mail and we will add you to our Christmas donation list until further notice. The children are also always happy to receive personal Christmas greetings and photos of theWeiterlesen / Continue reading


Special project vaccinations stopped

The special vaccination project was stopped. The background is that shortly after the start of the project we were contacted by concerned members and supporters who are very critical of the topic of vaccination. We take the concerns of our members and supporters very seriously and have therefore decided to stop the project again.


Special project: Vaccination campaign

Sonrise has asked us to start a special project to protect their children. The children are regularly infected with infectious diseases and need medical care. Therefore we would like to vaccinate all children against the most common diseases. In total we still need the following vaccinations for all three houses:   36 x mumps/measles/rubella – per vaccination approx. 17 Euro 148 x Hepatitis B – per vaccination approx. 12 Euro (average price, as in some cases the triple vaccination is still required) 141 x typhoid – approx. 13 Euro per vaccination 146 x yellow fever – per vaccination approx. 27 Euro   For this project the amount of donations collected by Peace’s Hope e.V. has reached   0 Euro   Already invested as an association locally: 0 Euro   If you want to contribute to this project please fill in our donation form.