Project country Uganda

Capital city: Kampala
System of government: Republic
Area: 241,551 km²
Population: 47 millions








The aim of Sonrise Ministries in Uganda is to provide a safe home for orphaned and abused children in which they can grow up physically, psychologically and emotionally cared for.


The organisation consists of five different departments. On the one hand there are the following three different homes. First the Sonrise Baby’s Home currently taking care for 61 babies at the age of 0 to 4 years. Second the Sonrise Children’s Home currently taking care for 76 children from the age of 4 and third the Mirembe Cottage of Street Girls with currently 41 girls aged 4 to 20.
On the other hand there is also the Sonrise Children’s Choir consisting of children from all three homes, children from the local community as well as the Sonrise parish itself.


Reasons for being in an orphanage are as diverse as the children themselves. They are either complete orphans or lost at least one parent, have been physically or psychologically abused, are malnourished, ill or no-one in their family is able to take care of them.


It is Sonrise’s aim to provide those children with everything they need like support, enough food, a safe environment to grow up, a nice home and most of all love.
We want to support the Sonrise ministries with the following projects:


Construction Sonrise Baby Home
Construction Sonrise Children’s Home
Construction Mirembe Cottage of Street Girls
School Sponsorship
Farm Sonrise Ministries
Urgent needs Sonrise Ministries
Commodity items
Christmas presents Sonrise Ministries 
Completed projects