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Sonrise Children’s Home 2023

  Agnes (11 Years) Amina (9 Years) Andrew (12 Years) Anisha (15 Years) Bethany (14 Years) Big Gift (14 Years) Bonan (11 Years) Brian (12 Years) Caleb (9 Years) Catherine (18 Years) David (11 Years) Doreen (14 Years) Eddie (15 Years) Eli (10 Years) Elvin (8 Years) Eric (16 Years) Big Esther (14 Years) Little Esther (9 Years) Gerold (15 Years) Godwin (17 Years) Grace Patience (12 Years) Henry (9 Years) Ian (17 Years) Isima (14 Years) Israel (7 Years) Jalia (12 Years) John Mark (9 Years) Jolie (13 Years) Joseph (16 Years) Joshua (8 Years) Julius (9 Years) Junior (16 Years) Kevin (12 Years) Kirabo (13 Years) Kisakye (5 Years) Laura (9 Years) Little Gift (11 Years) Little Peace (11 Years) Luke (13 Years) Matthew (12 Years) Melissa (10 Years) Mercy (14 Years) Michael (14 Years) Miko (16 Years) Millie (19 Years) Moses (8 Years) Mugisha (15 Years) MusaWeiterlesen / Continue reading

James RIP

Mzee James

During our last team trip we met James, whom the children from Sonrise Children’s Home lovingly called Mzee James (Grandpa James). We reported about him in our diary when we visited him with the children on Christmas Eve. James was so ill that he lost the fight against death today. We mourn very much for this kind person whom we would have liked to visit again on our next team trip. We are grateful that we could at least prepare his last Christmas as a special one with some presents. Rest in peace Mzee James. We will miss you.

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Construction Sonrise Children’s Home

  Until 2017 the Sonrise Children’s Home was situated in a rented building which didn’t provide enough room for the increasing number of children for some time. Thanks to some donations we were able to buy a piece of land in Kamuli which is roughly a two-hours drive away from Jinja. There are several reasons why we bought a piece of land that far away. It was not only the prize, but also the Sonrise Ministries founders’ vision to help people not only within but also outside of their own organisation. The extensive project envisages the construction of several buildings like a number of residential buildings for the children and staff, some school buildings, water wells, sanitary facilities, solar collectors, offices, a cafeteria, a hospital, a library, a guest house, a farm and many more. The project will be realised according to the incoming amount of donations. It will alsoWeiterlesen / Continue reading


Project country Uganda

Capital city: Kampala System of government: Republic Area: 241,551 km² Population: 47 millions               The aim of Sonrise Ministries in Uganda is to provide a safe home for orphaned and abused children in which they can grow up physically, psychologically and emotionally cared for.   The organisation consists of five different departments. On the one hand there are the following three different homes. First the Sonrise Baby’s Home currently taking care for 61 babies at the age of 0 to 4 years. Second the Sonrise Children’s Home currently taking care for 76 children from the age of 4 and third the Mirembe Cottage of Street Girls with currently 41 girls aged 4 to 20. On the other hand there is also the Sonrise Children’s Choir consisting of children from all three homes, children from the local community as well as the Sonrise parish itself.Weiterlesen / Continue reading