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Project School Sponsorship

At the beginning of the year we started a new project. Besides sponsoring one of the Sonrise children, it is now also possible to sponsor a school child of the Sonrise Baby Home in Wabirongo or a community child of the Sonrise Children’s Home in Kamuli or the Mirembe Cottage in Wakikoola.  If you would like to know more about this project or would like to have a list of the babies and community children without sponsors, please contact our dear Nadja directly. For additional information please have a look at the project page.


Sonrise Childrens Home 2021

    Agnes (9 Years) Amina (7 Years) Andrew (10 Years) Anisha (13 Years) Bethany (12 Years) (Big) Gift (12 Years) Bonan (9 Years) Brian (10 Years)     Caleb (7 Years) Catherine (16 Years) David (9 Years) Doreen (12 Years) Eddie (13 Years) Eli (8 Years) Elvin (6 Years) Eric (14 Years)   (Big) Esther (12 Years) (Little) Esther (7 Years) Gerold (13 Years) Godwin (15 Years) Grace Patience (10 Years) Henry (7 Years) Ian (15 Years) Isima (12 Years)   Israel (5 Years) John Mark (7 Years) Jolie (11 Years) Joseph (12 Years) Joshua (6 Years) Julius (7 Years) Junior (14 Years) Kevin (10 Years)   Kirabo (11 Years) Laura (7 Years) (Little) Gift (9 Years) (Little) Peace (9 Years) Luke (11 Years) Matthew (10 Years) Melissa (8 Years) Mercy (12 Years)   Michael (12 Years) Miko (14 Years) Millie (17 Years) Moses (6 Years) Mugisha (13 Years)Weiterlesen / Continue reading


Sonrise Baby Home 2021

    Alvin (3 Years) Betty (7 Years) Bethany (5 Years) Brian (3 Years) Catherine (5 Months) Daniel (4 Years) Flavia (3 Years) Franklin (6 Years) Claudia (2 Years)   Gabi Suubi (5 Years) Grace (1 Year) Haggai (3 Years) Helen F. (4 Years) Helena (4 Years) Henry Gift (1 Year) Israel (4 Years) Jaril (1 Year)     Jennifer (4 Years) Josephine Kirbao (3 Years) Juliana (2 Years) Kathryn (4 Years) Kato (5 Years) Kelly (2 Years) Larry (3 Years) Lydia (3 Years)       Maliki (6 Years) Margret Maria (2 Years) Maria A. (2 Years) Maria M. (1 Year) Mark (2 Years) Mary (3 Years) Melvin (5 Years) Merabu (1 Years) Manjeri (3 Months)         Michael (4 Years) Miracle (3 Months) Miria (2 Years) Musa (3 Years) Najib (4 Years) Patrick (2 Years) Paul Muk. (5 Years) Paul Muw. (1 Year)      Weiterlesen / Continue reading


Children of the caregivers 2021

Thank you! All children of the caregivers do have a sponsor for 2021!   Venus (9 Years) Abigail (4 Years) Christiana (5 Years) Eden (5 Years) Elizabeth (7 Years) Ethan (4 Years) Stacey Tina (1 Years) Jeremiah (8 Years) Michaela (6 Years) Shaima (3 Years) Jessy (1/2 Year)   Erica Jasmine (2 Years) Hadassah (6 Years) Jedidiah (3 Years) Levi (7 Years) Patience (9 Years) Melody (1 Year) Razaq (10 Years) Emily (7 Year) Arthur (4 Year)   Abigail (8 Years) Ezekiel M (1 Year) Katrina (8 Years) Janelle (6 Years) Lorielle (4 Years) Karielle (1 Year) Asa (3 Years) Vanic (6 Years) Kirabo (7 Years) Zoe (2 Years)  


Mirembe Cottage of Street Girls 2021

Thank you! All girls of the Mirembe Cottage do have a sponsor for 2021!   Angelina (16 Years) Angel (14 Years) Anna Akori (19 Years) Anna Angole (19 Years) Anna Aya (19 Years) Anna Longoko (17 Years) Annette A. (19 Years) Annette M. (16 Years)   Barbara (13 Years) Benita (7 Years) Betty (10 Years) Brenda (15 Years) Catherine (17 Years) Dina (20 Years) Elizabeth L. (16 Years) Elizabeth N. (16 Years)     Faridah (6 Years) Gift (19 Years) Gloria (13 Years) Irene A. (20 Years) Irene B. (17 Years) Jennifer (12 Years) Mai (17 Years) Mercy (6 Years) Monday (20 Years)   Miriam (13 Years) Natasha (7 Years) Rose (17 Years) Sabrina (16 Years) Sarah (22 Years) Sharon (16 Years) Trinity (4 Years) Sharuwa (13 Years) Swabra (17 Years) Teddy (9 Years) Teresa (19 Years) Valentina (13 Years) Zion (6 Years)            

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Christmas Presents 2021

Finally, the 2021 Christmas Gift Campaign has started. If you would like to make a Christmas gift possible for a child in one of the three houses of Sonrise Ministries, a child caregiver, the caregivers themselves or the families in Masese this year, then click on the following link and you will be redirected directly to the project page:   Christmas Gifts

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Sonrise Ministries Christmas Presents 2021

Also this year we would like to brighten the Christmas of the children and caregivers at Sonrise Ministries and the families in Masese – a slum district in Jinja – with individual gifts. With 20 Euros for a specific child or an amount of your choice for the “big pot”, we can buy educational toys, clothes, hygiene products and food locally and thus give everyone an unforgettable Christmas. As in the previous year, you may still choose the children directly. The amount per child is still 20 euros. Also the “big pot” is again part of the party. You can pay any amount into this pot if you do not want to choose a child. At the end of the project we will divide this amount among the children without a direct donor, the caregivers of Sonrise Ministries and the families from Masese. At the bottom of the page youWeiterlesen / Continue reading

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New addition to the Mirembe Cottage

We welcome two new additions to the Mirembe Cottage of Street Girls. The two sisters Benita and Betty were taken into care after they were seriously injured. Sonrise is supporting them in their physical and mental recovery and the girls of Mirembe Cottage are preparing a great home for them!  The girls are still looking for sponsors. You can always write to Nadja at about sponsorships.