Construction Sonrise Baby Home

For several years now, the Sonrise Baby Home has been negotiating with the government for a fair price for the current residential building and land. The government is planning to build a train line here. So far, no agreement has been reached. In the meantime, it is also under discussion that the home can remain standing. However, the house is already outdated. Thus the roof must be renewed quite urgently. The health department has already warned several times that too many babies are now housed in too small space in the home and that the leaking roof leads to hygiene problems. In addition, Sonrise has no possibility to enlarge the house with extensions.

Sonrise has been offered a plot of land in Jinja (see photo above), which can be purchased. There, the Sonrise Baby Home is planning to build several duplex houses (see drawings below) like they did with Sonrise Children’s Home in Kamuli. Then each caregiver could live in her own semi-detached house with the children she takes care of. This can be up to 8 babies at the same time. The old building will then serve as a quarantine station. It happens again and again that newly arrived babies are seriously ill, e.g. from tuberculosis or other infectious diseases. In this way it could be prevented that the babies already accommodated in the home come into contact with these children during the infection phase.

We would like to support Sonrise in this project. The water well, for which we have already collected the money, will also be built at the new location. So the houses can be connected directly with the water pipe. Most urgently we first collect money for the roof repair and for the purchase of the property.

For this project the amount of donations collected by Peace’s Hope e.V. has reached:


283.33 Euro

Already invested as an association locally: 23,828 Euro


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