Construction Sonrise Baby Home

In December 2021, our babies could finally move into their new home in Wabirongo. The new complex consists of six residential houses and an office/warehouse building. They have a beautiful view to the river Nile. All houses were equipped with solar panels and connected directly to the newly built water well. For the people in the surrounding communities, we had an outside access to the well laid in December 2021. The gratefulness of the people for the clean drinking water is unbelievable. However, the demand is much higher than a single well can currently provide. Therefore, we would like to have a second well built as soon as possible. This is also needed for the next step in this project. The construction of a small clinic for our babies and the surrounding communities. The nearest hospital is a good 40-minute drive away in Jinja.

The old house is now used as a quarantine station for sick babies as well as for new arrivals. These are not only often malnourished, but also suffer from serious infectious diseases such as tuberculosis. They therefore require particularly intensive care and must be strictly separated from the healthy babies to avoid infection among themselves.

This project is absolutely close to our hearts and has a positive effect on more than 1,500 people in Wabirongo.

For this project the amount of donations collected by Peace’s Hope e.V. has reached:


6,200 Euro for the 2nd water well

0 Euro for the clinic

Already invested as an association locally: 59,301 Euro


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