Urgent needs Sonrise Ministries


Often we receive open donations that don’t have a particular purpose so we decided to create a project folder for these kind contributions. We will use these donations depending on the acute needs that we see and where the money is needed most. This can be for one of the construction projects, for medicine, food or also for the shipment of commodity items to Uganda. Moreover we would like to use a small amount of these contributions for some of the minor cost we incur during our project work, for example petrol costs or food for the Sonrise employees when they accompany us on trips etc. That way we assure that project donations are used 100 % for desired projects.  

For this project the amount of donations collected by Peace’s Hope e.V. has reached


2,957.47 Euro


Already invested as an association locally: 16,573.46 Euro


If you want to contribute to this project please fill in our donation form.