Commodity items Sonrise Ministries

Unfortunately, we had to stop shipping in the previous form. The East African Community has decided to deduct high customs duties on the import of commodity items in order to protect their domestic markets. In the meantime this makes the shipment no longer profitable despite the great demand of the Sonrise Ministries. We will try to cover quite a bit via the local market. After all, boosting the local economy is also an important part of helping people to help themselves. However, we are still looking for and collecting some commodity items. We take these with us directly in our suitcases when we travel to Uganda. We currently have the greatest need for the following commodity items:


  • baby bottles and/or pacifiers for baby bottles
  • brushes for baby bottles
  • toothbrushes, electrical shavers/clipping machines, razors, razor blades, nail scissors, hair-bands, brushes, combs, product samples of any kind
  • torches/ headlights
  • crayons, pens, ball pens, pencils, rubbers, pencil sharpeners, scissors, watercolours
  • sun or reading glasses
  • clothes for boys in good condition


If you would like to help us purchase the most urgent needs of Sonrise Ministries locally, please donate through the project urgent needs.