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Sonrise Baby Home 2022

    Alvin (4 Years) Asiku (2 Years) Bethany (5 Years) Betty (8 Years) Brian (4 Years) Catherine Ka. (1 Year) Christine Ki. (2 Years) Claudia (3 Years) Daniel (6 Years) Deo (1 Year)   Favour (4 Years) Felix (1 Year) Franklin (8 Years) Grace (2 Years) Haggai (4 Years) Helen F (5 Years) Helena A (5 Years) Henry Gift (2 Years) Jaril (2 Years) Jordan (1 Year)     Josephine Kirabo (4 Years) Kato Ivan (7 Years) Kelly (4 Years) Larry (4 Years) Lydia (4 Years) Lydia K. (1 Year) Malaika (2 Years) Maliki (7 Years) Manjeri (1 Year) Maria M. A. (2 Years)       Maria M. (2 Years) Mark (4 Years) Masaba (1 Year) Melvin (6 Years) Merabu (3 Years) Michael (4 Years) Miracle Kis. (1 Year) Miracle Kir. (1 Year) Mukisa Glen (2 Years)         Mukisa Paul (6 Years) Musa (5 Years)Weiterlesen / Continue reading


Sonrise Baby Home 2021

    Alvin (3 Years) Betty (7 Years) Bethany (5 Years) Brian (3 Years) Catherine (5 Months) Daniel (4 Years) Flavia (3 Years) Franklin (6 Years) Claudia (2 Years)   Gabi Suubi (5 Years) Grace (1 Year) Haggai (3 Years) Helen F. (4 Years) Helena (4 Years) Henry Gift (1 Year) Israel (4 Years) Jaril (1 Year)     Jennifer (4 Years) Josephine Kirbao (3 Years) Juliana (2 Years) Kathryn (4 Years) Kato (5 Years) Kelly (2 Years) Larry (3 Years) Lydia (3 Years)       Maliki (6 Years) Margret Maria (2 Years) Maria A. (2 Years) Maria M. (1 Year) Mark (2 Years) Mary (3 Years) Melvin (5 Years) Merabu (1 Years) Manjeri (3 Months)         Michael (4 Years) Miracle (3 Months) Miria (2 Years) Musa (3 Years) Najib (4 Years) Patrick (2 Years) Paul Muk. (5 Years) Paul Muw. (1 Year)      Weiterlesen / Continue reading


New arrival at Sonrise Baby’s Home

In September 2019, a new baby was admitted to the Sonrise Baby’s Home.  Kirabo Josephine is just over a year old. She is currently hospitalized for severe malnutrition and malaria infection. She was born without arms and her legs were weak, so the doctors are doing everything they can to strengthen the bones in her legs so she can learn to walk. As Josephine’s parents were expecting another baby, they asked Sonrise for help. We hope that one day, when she becomes more independent, she will be able to live with her family again!

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Christmas presents 2018

  Finally the Christmas Gift project 2018 has started. If you would also like to give a Christmas present to a child in one of the three Sonrise Ministries houses, a child of the caregivers, the caregivers themselves or the families in Masese this year, then click on the following link and you will be forwarded directly to the project page. There are some new features compared to last year. So we have set up a “big pot” for those who don’t want to decide for a certain child. All further information about the project and the changes can be found under the following link:   Christmas presents  


Parcels on the way

On 18th of August we sorted again commodity items, packed parcels and already the one or other suitcase for our trip in December. Thanks to your donations we were able to send a total of four parcels to Uganda with urgently needed clothes, shoes, school materials, toys, books and much more. Thanks of course also to our lovely helpers Doris, Gabi, Hadeel, Lena, Linda, Nina, Nora, Sameh and Sarah. You were a great team. This time the packing process was connected with very much melancholy, since it is probably the last time that we will send parcels to Uganda. The EAC (East African Community) has decided for the protection of the domestic market that commodity items have to be limited and sent with very high customs duties to some East African countries. This also includes Uganda. Nevertheless, we always collect some commodity items, which we then take with us onWeiterlesen / Continue reading

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Parcels arrived

    Finally, all eight parcels we sent in March arrived in Uganda. The joy was huge. We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this possible. Thanks to everyone who donated so many beautiful things! Thanks to everyone who financed the shipping with donations! And of course thanks to all the wonderful helpers! Here are some photos of unpacking the packages and the great joy the donations created. You may even discover some of what you have donated in the pictures.   ​​    


Christmas presents 2017

  Finally, the Christmas gift campaign 2017 has started. If you would like to offer a Christmas gift to a child in one of the three houses of the Sonrise Ministries, a child of a caregiver, the caregivers themselves or the families in Masese this year, then click on the following link and you will be taken directly to the project page. Here you will also find all further information about the project.   Christmas presents  


Sonrise Baby’s Home_2017

​ Agnes  5 years Amina  3 years Betty  3 years Caleb  3 years          Daniel 1 year Eli 3 years Elvin 2 years Esther 3 years             Henry 3 years John Mark 3 years Joshua 2 years Julius 3 years           Kato 1 1/2 years Laura 3 years Maliki 2 years Matthew 3 years          Melissa 4 years Mercy 2 years Moses 2 years Najib 1/2 year         Nicholette 4 years Patience 4 years Peace 5 years Praise (Ezra) 4 years         Prince 1 year Richard 3 years Robert 1 year Ryan 2 years         Sophie 4 years Tendo 3 years Tracy 1 year Tumwebaze 1 year         Viany 1 year Zack 4 years Zion 2 years        


Water well for Sonrise Baby Home

In September 2020, we started drilling at the new Sonrise Baby Home site. The timing could not have been more perfect. It allowed us to connect the new homes directly to the well. The project has now been completed. You can find the description of the project below: In Uganda it happens again and again that disproportionately high bills are made for water. Unfortunately, the suppliers do not even stop at orphanages. By means of a deep well, which will be equipped with a solar-powered pump and a filter system, the Baby Home will be able to obtain clean water from the groundwater completely independently in the future. This would be another important and sustainable contribution to becoming as self-sufficient as possible and being able to use the money saved in this way for other purposes. The total project sum is about 19,900 Euros. 11,650 Euros were collected before theWeiterlesen / Continue reading

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Commodity items Sonrise Ministries

Unfortunately, we had to stop shipping in the previous form. The East African Community has decided to deduct high customs duties on the import of commodity items in order to protect their domestic markets. In the meantime this makes the shipment no longer profitable despite the great demand of the Sonrise Ministries. We will try to cover quite a bit via the local market. After all, boosting the local economy is also an important part of helping people to help themselves. However, we are still looking for and collecting some commodity items. We take these with us directly in our suitcases when we travel to Uganda. We currently have the greatest need for the following commodity items:   baby bottles and/or pacifiers for baby bottles brushes for baby bottles toothbrushes, electrical shavers/clipping machines, razors, razor blades, nail scissors, hair-bands, brushes, combs, product samples of any kind torches/ headlights crayons, pens,Weiterlesen / Continue reading