Parcels on the way

On 18th of August we sorted again commodity items, packed parcels and already the one or other suitcase for our trip in December. Thanks to your donations we were able to send a total of four parcels to Uganda with urgently needed clothes, shoes, school materials, toys, books and much more. Thanks of course also to our lovely helpers Doris, Gabi, Hadeel, Lena, Linda, Nina, Nora, Sameh and Sarah. You were a great team.

This time the packing process was connected with very much melancholy, since it is probably the last time that we will send parcels to Uganda. The EAC (East African Community) has decided for the protection of the domestic market that commodity items have to be limited and sent with very high customs duties to some East African countries. This also includes Uganda.

Nevertheless, we always collect some commodity items, which we then take with us on our journeys to the destination country. What we are currently looking for most urgently, you can find via the following link: Commody_items

You are welcome to subscribe to our distribution list for commodity items. If we are looking urgently for certain donations, we will write to this mailing list. This is without any obligation for you. Please send an e-mail to



The parcels are on their way to Uganda since 06th September 2018. You can follow them via these links: