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Another big step towards independence for the three homes is the establishment of a farm. For example, cows daily supply fresh milk for the children, chicken eggs, beef cows meat etc. The cultivation of vegetables and fruit also helps to increase independence. And everything that arises as overproduction can be sold additionally. In order to be able to adequately supply the constantly growing number of home residents, there is a need for the following animal species, seeds, stables etc., which are listed below.

Sonrise has also set itself the task of supporting the communities in the immediate vicinity with the launch of the “Piggery Community Empowerment Program”. The following is a Sonrise statement on this subject: 

The goal of this program is to help provide families with extra income so that they can afford things such as paying for their Children’s education, being able to cover medical expenses, and help to keep families together instead of separating them. Most of the families in the community only make somewhere between 140 to 280 USD a year!!! Our hope with this project is to help people earn an extra income so that they can provide for themselves instead of coming to us or going without. So, how it works: First we selected 15 families who we gave a young pig to or will give one to this week. It is their responsibility now to take care of the pig for the next several months until it is old enough to be mated. Second, once their pig is old enough they will bring it back to Sonrise where we will breed them and once it is pregnant they will once again return home with it until it gives birth four months later. On average a pig will give birth to 10 piglets a litter and can give birth twice a year. Third, once the piglets have been weaned then they will return the original pig to Sonrise where it will be given to another family to start the program. The family then gets to keep the piglets and will continue to breed them and then sell off the extras for additional income. Each piglet will sell for about 14 USD. They will have to keep at least two to mate but the other eight can be sold and they can do this twice a year. After the first year they should be able to double their current yearly income and then even more the following years. Pray with us as we wait and see if this program will work and hopefully have a positive impact on our community!


The prices quoted for animals are based on recent purchases:


Farm animals:
Dairy cows at the price of 498 Euro each, beef cows at the price of 555 Euro each, goats at the price of 38 Euro each, male goats at the price of 75 Euro each, chickens at the price of 3.50 Euro each, turkeys at the price of 25 Euro each, male turkeys at the price of 38 Euro each, pigs at the price of 22 Euro each.


Beans, corn, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, onions, carrots, rice, peppers, white cabbage, eggplants


Jackfruit, lemons, oranges, pineapple, passion fruit, watermelons, bananas, matooke, ginger

Further costs:
Feed, transport of animals, stables, fences etc.


We ask for your understanding that we no longer offer the possibility of direct selection of a certain animal. The animals already purchased have begun to reproduce diligently, so that the demand is constantly changing. We can react more flexibly to the actual needs on site if the choice is left open to us. Of course you can inform us via the comment field if you would like to purchase a certain animal for Sonrise.

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Already invested as an association locally: 10,294.83 Euro
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