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Change in the farming project

We made a change to the farming project. The selection of the species has been removed. The animals that have already been purchased are procreating and therefore the demand is constantly changing. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to donate for pigs, because Sonrise or Mirembe need turkeys. We have also added seeds, fences, stables, animal feed and transport of the animals to this project. Of course, donors can still use the comment field to express their wishes if they wish to sponsor a specific animal for Sonrise or Mirembe.

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Farm Sonrise Ministries

  Another big step towards independence for the three homes is the establishment of a farm. For example, cows daily supply fresh milk for the children, chicken eggs, beef cows meat etc. The cultivation of vegetables and fruit also helps to increase independence. And everything that arises as overproduction can be sold additionally. In order to be able to adequately supply the constantly growing number of home residents, there is a need for the following animal species, seeds, stables etc., which are listed below. Sonrise has also set itself the task of supporting the communities in the immediate vicinity with the launch of the “Piggery Community Empowerment Program”. The following is a Sonrise statement on this subject:  The goal of this program is to help provide families with extra income so that they can afford things such as paying for their Children’s education, being able to cover medical expenses, andWeiterlesen / Continue reading