From now on we also offer sponsorships for the Sonrise Baby Home as well as for the children of the Sonrise Children’s Home and the girls of Mirembe Cottage. In the future, donations for the Baby Home can only be made in general. The background is that the costs for new arrivals are often very high. They are mostly malnourished, ill and need very intensive treatment, which is associated with high costs. However, as soon as the babies move to the Children’s Home, the sponsors are no longer available. This is why the Baby Home has problems to cover the running costs. For the Children’s Home and for the Mirembe Cottage a sponsorship for a specific child or girl can still be chosen. For the Baby Home a freely chosen monthly amount can be donated. The costs for an individual sponsorship are 120 Euro per child per month. This includes all costs that arise for the child, e.g. food, clothing, medical care, schooling, care, accommodation etc. Of course we are aware that this is a very high amount. Therefore we offer that you can also make an individual contribution here. If you are interested in a direct sponsorship for a specific child of the Children’s Home or Mirembe Cottage, please write an email to nadja@peaceshope.com. Nadja will then send you a list of all children who still need a sponsor including the missing amounts for full support.

If you are interested in a general regular support of the Baby Home, in an individual sponsorship of a child of the Children’s Home or a girl of Mirembe Cottage, please fill out the following form and send it to us:




In addition to this, the GDPR has been extended specifically to cover this topic:


Sponsorship GDPR


As an association we have already been able to invest the following sums locally:

For the Sonrise Baby Home: 6,540 Euro

For children of the Sonrise Children’s Home: 8,050 Euro

For children of Mirembe Cottage: 6,042,65 Euro