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Urgent needs Sonrise Ministries

  Often we receive open donations that don’t have a particular purpose so we decided to create a project folder for these kind contributions. We will use these donations depending on the acute needs that we see and where the money is needed most. This can be for one of the construction projects, for medicine, food or also for quick help locally.    For this project the amount of donations collected by Peace’s Hope e.V. has reached   505 Euro   Already invested as an association locally: 30,210.46 Euro   If you want to contribute to this project please fill in our donation form.

About us

Vision of Peace’s Hope e.V.

  Our vision is very simple:     Our goal is to ensure that 100 % of the donations we receive actually reach the recipients. This is a matter of heart for us. We are aware that this is a challenge because an official club inevitably causes some running costs. We want to realize this by encouraging as many people as possible to join our association and support us in reaching this goal with our low membership fee. The membership fees are intended to finance all association costs. Of course, the surplus goes into the projects. All active members work on a voluntary basis and without any compensation. If you would like to support in our efforts join our association. You can find more information about this under the topic membership.