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About us

Vision of Peace’s Hope e.V.

  Our vision is very simple:     Our goal is to ensure that 100 % of the donations we receive actually reach the recipients. This is a matter of heart for us. We are aware that this is a challenge because an official club inevitably causes some running costs. We want to realize this by encouraging as many people as possible to join our association and support us in reaching this goal with our low membership fee. The membership fees are intended to finance all association costs. Of course, the surplus goes into the projects. All active members work on a voluntary basis and without any compensation. If you would like to support in our efforts join our association. You can find more information about this under the topic membership.  

About us

Organisation of Peace’s Hope e.V.

Like every association we have an organizational structure. We have been able to build a great team, which is performing the official tasks and duties of our association. We would like to introduce ourselves here.   Chairwoman Gabi Haak In a world where the gap between rich and poor is widening, social commitment is becoming increasingly important. I don’t just want to talk about changing things in this world. I want to be actively involved. E-Mail: Co-chairman Warren Weidhorn The Peace’s Hope e.V. association is the result of Gabi’s long yearning to help other people, especially children. In 2014 she was finally able to realize this in Uganda and has since then captivated me and many other people. Donations require great trust in their use. Through her numerous visits to the site and proven donations for projects, she could inspire me as well. I am pleased that we haveWeiterlesen / Continue reading

About us

The development of Peace’s Hope e.V.

I am Gabi Haak (née Geisler) and live Düsseldorf. I was born in a small town called Prüm in the Eifel, close to Luxembourg and Belgium. Early on, I was inspired by people who work for others in the so-called Third World. As a child, the desire to go into development aid grew constantly. But somehow my life turned out differently and I have been working in a big company for over 30 years now. I enjoy my work a lot, but the longing for development aid has never stopped. When my oldest niece travelled to Ghana with her school at the age of 14 to teach English and help build a classroom, the desire was irrepressible. So I started looking for ways to participate in such a project also as an adult. After endless researches in the internet I found an organization which could realize my wishes. In OctoberWeiterlesen / Continue reading