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Construction Sonrise Baby Home

In December 2021, our babies could finally move into their new home in Wabirongo. The new complex consists of six residential houses and an office/warehouse building. They have a beautiful view to the river Nile. All houses were equipped with solar panels and connected directly to the newly built water well. For the people in the surrounding communities, we had an outside access to the well laid in December 2021. The gratefulness of the people for the clean drinking water is unbelievable. However, the demand is much higher than a single well can currently provide. Therefore, we would like to have a second well built as soon as possible. This is also needed for the next step in this project. The construction of a small clinic for our babies and the surrounding communities. The nearest hospital is a good 40-minute drive away in Jinja. The old house is now usedWeiterlesen / Continue reading


New arrival at Sonrise Baby Home

In January we have a new addition to the Sonrise Baby Home. Gabi Suubi. Suubi means hope. She was abandoned in Kabubu. Sonrise is looking for her mother, but so far they had no success. Gabi is estimated to be 1 year old and severely malnourished. The first examination in the hospital showed that she also suffers from tuberculosis. We are glad that she is now in good hands with our dear Auntie Peace and hope very much that she will soon gain weight and survive the serious illness. Update March 03, 2019: Gabi has developed surprisingly well in this short time. She has grown from a malnourished, weak baby to a little bundle of joy. We are so happy that she is now so well. Thanks so much to Sonrise Baby Home for making another miracle.