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Water well for Sonrise Baby Home

In September 2020, we started drilling at the new Sonrise Baby Home site. The timing could not have been more perfect. It allowed us to connect the new homes directly to the well. The project has now been completed. You can find the description of the project below: In Uganda it happens again and again that disproportionately high bills are made for water. Unfortunately, the suppliers do not even stop at orphanages. By means of a deep well, which will be equipped with a solar-powered pump and a filter system, the Baby Home will be able to obtain clean water from the groundwater completely independently in the future. This would be another important and sustainable contribution to becoming as self-sufficient as possible and being able to use the money saved in this way for other purposes. The total project sum is about 19,900 Euros. 11,650 Euros were collected before theWeiterlesen / Continue reading