Organisation of Peace’s Hope e.V.

Like every association we have an organizational structure. We have been able to build a great team, which is performing the official tasks and duties of our association. We would like to introduce ourselves here.



Gabi Haak

In a world where the gap between rich and poor is widening, social commitment is becoming increasingly important. I don’t just want to talk about changing things in this world. I want to be actively involved.



Warren Weidhorn

The Peace’s Hope Association is the result of Gabi’s long yearning to help other people, especially children. In 2014 she was finally able to realize this in Uganda and has since then captivated me and many other people. Donations require great trust in their use. Through her numerous visits to the site and proven donations for projects, she could inspire me as well. I am pleased that we have found a solid and trusting basis for the continuation of ongoing projects and the discovery of new ones.  



Nina Jungholt

Last year I helped Gabi packing donations to be shipped to Sonrise. Gabi immediately matched each piece of clothes with one of the children in Uganda and seeing her joy and eagerness to help others touched me deeply. She is so enthusiastic about the project and has built up a profound connection with the children of Sonrise and I wanted to be part of it. I actively work with Peace’s Hope because I enjoy helping others and making them happy. It’s nice to see that even the smallest detail can make a big difference.



Guadalupe Sanchis Otero


Cash auditor

Nina Fitschen

My colleague Gabi told me about this project in 2016. She torched me with her euphoria from the very first moment and the thought of supporting her was growing fast.

Since the foundation of the association, I have therefore been committed to supporting the cash audit and finding ideas.

It was fascinating to get to know the fertile and partly very green country and the wonderful and lovely people on site in 2018 during the team trip. 


Pictorial design

Bernd Farber

Social Media
Sarah Spicks

When Gabi and I met at the end of 2016, she told me about “her children” with so much love that I couldn’t get the idea to support them out of my head. Shortly afterwards I joined the newly founded association. I think it’s great that 100% of the donations go to the children and community of Sonrise in Uganda. The enthusiasm for this social project led me to Uganda in December 2018 and I documented our team trip in the social media. Now I know the children and caregivers in Jinja, Wakikoola and Kamuli personally, which further encourages the urge to support from Germany. I am happy to be part of the Peace’s Hope team.