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Project country Uganda

Capital city: Kampala System of government: Republic Area: 241,551 km² Population: 34.9 millions   The aim of Sonrise Ministries in Uganda is to provide a safe home for orphaned and abused children in which they can grow up physically, psychologically and emotionally cared for. The organisation consists of five different departments. On the one hand there are the following three different homes. First the Sonrise Baby’s Home currently taking care for 40 babies at the age of 0 to 4 years. Second the Sonrise Children’s Home currently taking care for 67 children from the age of 4 and third the Mirembe Cottage of Street Girls with currently 34 girls aged 4 to 20. On the other hand there is also the Sonrise Children’s Choir consisting of children from all three homes, children from the local community as well as the Sonrise parish itself. Reasons for being in an orphanage areWeiterlesen / Continue reading


Water well for Sonrise Baby Home

  It often happens in Uganda that suppliers place disproportionately high invoices for water and they don’t even stop at orphanages. Using a deep well, equipped with a solar powered pump and a filter system, would allow the Sonrise Baby Home to completely obtain their own fresh water from ground water. The whole project will cost 19,900 Euros of which 11,650 Euros have already been collected even before the non-profit organisation was founded and which is kept safely in our Euro account in Uganda until the Sonrise Baby Home will have moved to its new destination. To finish up with the project 8,250 Euros are still needed. For this project the amount of donations collected by Peace’s Hope e.V. has reached:   8,960 Euro   Feel free to fill out the following donation form if you want to support this project.