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Parcels arrived

    Finally, all eight parcels we sent in March arrived in Uganda. The joy was huge. We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this possible. Thanks to everyone who donated so many beautiful things! Thanks to everyone who financed the shipping with donations! And of course thanks to all the wonderful helpers! Here are some photos of unpacking the packages and the great joy the donations created. You may even discover some of what you have donated in the pictures.   ​​    


Commodity items Sonrise Ministries

Unfortunately, we had to stop shipping in the previous form for the time being. Customs have been charging even higher fees for the latest shipments. This makes shipping unprofitable even for the Sonrise Ministries’ high demand. We will try to buy some urgent needed things locally. Although we believe that it is far better to buy all needed items locally to benefit the Ugandan economy, we also know that the demand in Uganda is higher than its supply. However, we are still looking for some commodity donations. We either take these with us directly in our suitcases during our travels or make a small shipment of urgently needed goods. Currently we have the greatest need for the following commodity donations:   baby bottles and/or pacifiers for baby bottles brushes for baby bottles toothbrushes, electrical shavers/clipping machines, razors, razor blades, nail scissors, hair-bands, brushes, combs, product samples of any kind torches/ headlights crayons,Weiterlesen / Continue reading

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Diary of our trip to Uganda

From 13 December 2017 to 10 January 2018 we will be back in Uganda. At this point, we would like to report to you on a daily basis what we have done and how we have used your donations. Have fun reading.   10.01.2018 In the middle of the night we drive to the airport. At 5 a.m. our first flight to Istanbul starts before continuing to Düsseldorf. We hope that our luggage will not end up in Istanbul this time. Since we have a four-hour stopover, we’ll sit down in a café. We can hardly believe when suddenly a friend of Bea, Mati and Helder shows up there and he will even travel back with us. In the plane we meet another friend. Coincidences happens 😀 Arrived in Düsseldorf the fear begins, whether the suitcases are there this time. It takes a long time until the first suitcase isWeiterlesen / Continue reading

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Current campaigns

  We are planning a health campaign in a remote village in Uganda and urgently need the following donations:   Eyeglasses in any thickness or simple reading glasses  A note with the appropriate visual strength would be helpful. All glasses without details are checked before our departure by an optician. We are supported by ESKA Optik. Toothbrushes for all ages, mainly for children.   These donations can either be handed over directly to one of Peace’s Hope e.V. members or handed out at the following collection points:   ESKA Optik Stephan Karrasch Bahnstr. 15 40699 Erkrath Phone 0211/97719925   Katholisches Familienzentrum St. Johannes Manager Renate Dudek Kirchstr. 5a 40699 Erkrath Phone 0211/242691   If you do not have the possibility to submit your donations, write us an e-mail at We will contact you as soon as possible to arrange a transfer/delivery point.    

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Urgent needs Sonrise Ministries

Often we receive open donations that don’t have a particular purpose so we decided to create a project folder for these kind contributions. We will use these donations depending on the acute needs that we see and where the money is needed most. This can be for one of the construction projects, for medicine, food or also for the shipment of commodity items to Uganda. Moreover we would like to use a small amount of these contributions for some of the minor cost we incur during our project work, for example petrol costs or food for the Sonrise employees when they accompany us on trips etc. That way we assure that project donations are used 100 % for desired projects.   For this project the amount of donations collected by Peace’s Hope e.V. has reached   2074.01 Euro   If you want to contribute to this project please fill in our donation form.  Weiterlesen / Continue reading

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Construction of Mirembe Cottage of Street Girls

  Currently the Mirembe Cottage of Street Girls is situated in a rented building which doesn’t have provided enough room for the increasing number of girls for quite some time. Thanks to some donations we were able to buy a piece of land in Wakikoola which is only a few minutes away from Jinja. With this project the founders of Sonrise Ministries also want to help people who don’t belong to their organisation. The extensive project envisages the construction of several buildings like two residential buildings, one for the girls and one for the staff, a school, one water well, sanitary facilities, solar collectors, a defensive wall, a cafeteria, a small hospital and many more. The project will be realised according to the incoming amount of donations. It will also benefit the surrounding community which currently lacks a school, a hospital and only offers a few jobs nearby. The residentialWeiterlesen / Continue reading


Project country Uganda

Capital city: Kampala System of government: Republic Area: 241,551 km² Population: 34.9 millions   The aim of Sonrise Ministries in Uganda is to provide a safe home for orphaned and abused children in which they can grow up physically, psychologically and emotionally cared for. The organisation consists of five different departments. On the one hand there are the following three different homes. First the Sonrise Baby’s Home currently taking care for 35 babies at the age of 0 to 5 years. Second the Sonrise Children’s Home currently taking care for 48 children from the age of 4 and third the Mirembe Cottage of Street Girls with currently 28 girls aged 3 to 18. On the other hand there is also the Sonrise Children’s Choir consisting of children from all three homes, children from the local community as well as the Sonrise parish itself. Reasons for being in an orphanage areWeiterlesen / Continue reading

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Construction Sonrise Children’s Home

  Until lately the Sonrise Children’s Home was situated in a rented building which didn’t provide enough room for the increasing number of children for some time. Thanks to some donations we were able to buy a piece of land in Kamuli which is roughly a two-hours drive away from Jinja. There are several reasons why we bought a piece of land that far away. It was not only the prize, but also the Sonrise Ministries founders’ vision to help people not only within but also outside of their own organisation. The extensive project envisages the construction of several buildings like a number of residential buildings for the children and staff, some school buildings, water wells, sanitary facilities, solar collectors, offices, a cafeteria, a hospital, a library, a guest house, a farm and many more. The project will be realised according to the incoming amount of donations. It will also benefitWeiterlesen / Continue reading


Medicine and supplies

Experience on site has shown us that it makes more sense to integrate this project into the most urgent needs. In this way, we can react even more flexible to the actual acute needs on site. With a click on the urgent needs you will be guided directly to the project.


Christmas presents Sonrise Ministries

  We have already been able to brighten up Christmas with presents for the children and their cargivers in Uganda for the last two years. This tradition we want and need to continue and besides that we want to include the families of Masese into this project for the first time. Together with the girls of the Mirembe Cottage of Street Girls we regularly visit their families in the slums just before Christmas. To prepare an unforgettable Christmas for everyone it only takes 20 Euros per child and a donation left to your decision for the caregivers of Sonrise Ministries as well as the families of Masese. That money will allow us to buy a lot of things for them. At the end of this page you can decide whether you want to donate for a child of the Sonrise Baby’s Home or Children’s Home, a girl of the Mirembe CottageWeiterlesen / Continue reading