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Diary Team-trip 2017/2018

From 13 December 2017 to 10 January 2018 we will be back in Uganda. At this point, we would like to report to you on a daily basis what we have done and how we have used your donations. Have fun reading.   10.01.2018 In the middle of the night we drive to the airport. At 5 a.m. our first flight to Istanbul starts before continuing to Düsseldorf. We hope that our luggage will not end up in Istanbul this time. Since we have a four-hour stopover, we’ll sit down in a café. We can hardly believe when suddenly a friend of Bea, Mati and Helder shows up there and he will even travel back with us. In the plane we meet another friend. Coincidences happens 😀 Arrived in Düsseldorf the fear begins, whether the suitcases are there this time. It takes a long time until the first suitcase isWeiterlesen / Continue reading


Tooth brushing training

We are planning a health care campaign in Sonrise Children’s Home newly built school block which will take place in December. We will distribute reading glasses to children and adults and teach them the ins and outs of tooth brushing.  Most of the population in the area doesn’t have access to basic health care. Peace’s Hope collected more than 1,000 tooth pastes and 700 tooth brushes so that the newly learnt skills can be practiced at home. Those items will be handed out to the training participants upon completion. Thanks a lot for all the kind contributions to this campaign.    Just few weeks ago we learnt in a very useful session how to actually brush your teeth correctly. This session has been led by Dr. Karin Bode-Haack who successfully reminded all of us of this basic skill.  There is indeed quite a big difference how to brush your toothWeiterlesen / Continue reading