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19 July 2017 – Foundation of Peace’s Hope e.V.

Founding members from left to right: Manfred Kirchhoff, Gabi Haak, Warren Weidhorn, Nina Jungholt, Bernd Farber, Guadalupe Sanchis Otero, Marion Schwenker, Nina Fitschen, Silvana Pölitz (Lea in the front, daughter of founding member Nina Jungholt)   19th July, 2017 – finally the day arrived where we were able to found Peace’s Hope e.V. Throughout our first conference, which was attended by nine charter members, we not only passed our organisation’s charters, but also decided on the projects that we want to continue to support as well as new ones. As a strong team that we are we want to do our utmost to support our chosen projects. New members are always welcome. For all the aims that we decided on we need active as well as financial support. If we have sparked your interest in our association then click on the link below and become our newest member:   Membership    

About us

The development of Peace’s Hope e.V.

I am Gabi Haak (née Geisler) and live Düsseldorf. I was born in a small town called Prüm in the Eifel, close to Luxembourg and Belgium. Early on, I was inspired by people who work for others in the so-called Third World. As a child, the desire to go into development aid grew constantly. But somehow my life turned out differently and I have been working in a big company for over 30 years now. I enjoy my work a lot, but the longing for development aid has never stopped. When my oldest niece travelled to Ghana with her school at the age of 14 to teach English and help build a classroom, the desire was irrepressible. So I started looking for ways to participate in such a project also as an adult. After endless researches in the internet I found an organization which could realize my wishes. In OctoberWeiterlesen / Continue reading