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Mirembe Cottage of Street Girls 2021

Thank you! All girls of the Mirembe Cottage do have a sponsor for 2021!   Angelina (16 Years) Angel (14 Years) Anna Akori (19 Years) Anna Angole (19 Years) Anna Aya (19 Years) Anna Longoko (17 Years) Annette A. (19 Years) Annette M. (16 Years)   Barbara (13 Years) Benita (7 Years) Betty (10 Years) Brenda (15 Years) Catherine (17 Years) Dina (20 Years) Elizabeth L. (16 Years) Elizabeth N. (16 Years)     Faridah (6 Years) Gift (19 Years) Gloria (13 Years) Irene A. (20 Years) Irene B. (17 Years) Jennifer (12 Years) Mai (17 Years) Mercy (6 Years) Monday (20 Years)   Miriam (13 Years) Natasha (7 Years) Rose (17 Years) Sabrina (16 Years) Sarah (22 Years) Sharon (16 Years) Trinity (4 Years) Sharuwa (13 Years) Swabra (17 Years) Teddy (9 Years) Teresa (19 Years) Valentina (13 Years) Zion (6 Years)            


Schools in operation

Today is a very special day for us. The Sonrise Children’s Home School and the Mirembe Cottage of Street Girls School are both starting today. From now onwards Sonrise and Mirembe will save the school fees for the children and can now reallocated that money to other important running costs. The children in the surrounding area also benefit from the schools as they would otherwise have little access to education.