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Diary Team-Trip 2019

Here we will again report what our team experienced on our trip from 18 October 2019 to 30 November 2019, which tasks we had in Uganda and how your donations were used. What is new this year is that this time the diary will not only be written by one person, but that every traveler will report from his perspective. We wish you a lot of fun reading.   6 November 2019 (Léa): Today was our last day at Kamuli. We started the day by participating to physical education class with children and teachers. After a sporty morning with the children and staff we learnt about traditional houses in Uganda by crafting clay houses with the kids. We ended our stay with a volleyball game against the teachers and staff at Kamuli. Unfortunately it was then time for us to say goodbye to all.   5 November 2019 (Léa): TodayWeiterlesen / Continue reading

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Christmas Gifts for the Sonrise Ministries 2019

We would like to give the children and caregivers at Sonrise Ministries and the families in Masese – a slum area in Jinja – individual presents to decorate Christmas. With 20 Euro for a certain child or a freely selectable amount for the “big pot” we can buy educational toys, clothes, hygiene articles and food on the spot and thus prepare an unforgettable Christmas for everyone. As in the previous year, you can continue to choose a child directly. The amount per child is still 20 Euro. Also the “big pot” is again from the part. In this pot one may pay any amount, if one does not want to decide for a child. At the end of the project we divide this amount between the children without direct donors, the carers of Sonrise Ministries and the families from Masese. At the bottom of the page you can choose whetherWeiterlesen / Continue reading

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Update Christmas Project

Dear supporters of Peace’s Hope, we would like to thank you very much. Thanks for your help, all children have found a donor for their Christmas presents! At short notice two more children have been added to the Baby Home, which we will update on the project page in the next two days. It would be nice if we could also find donors for the two of them.

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Teamtrip 2019 has started

The first team, led by Heidi, has landed safely in Uganda. The next two weeks Petra, Eszter, Wafa, Zuzana, Charline, Heidi, Paul, Fra and Miriam will talk about their experiences! You are welcome to browse our diary every day to find out what the team experiences in Jinja, Wakikoola and Kamuli.    Here is the link to the diary!

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The donation suitcases are packed

Last Sunday and the following Monday, a large part of the donated commodity items received was already packed into the donation cases. A total of 13 full suitcases came out. Many thanks to the many donors and also to the helpers who were there sorting, packing and weighing. This year, thanks to the large team on site, we can take numerous donated commodity items. These include, among other things: Toothbrushes, pencils, school supplies, clothes, shoes, underwear, books and toiletries.   We have received many donated commodity items!   On Sunday all donations were viewed and sorted. A lot of clothing was collected for all three houses. At the end of the day all shelves were well used!   On Monday the suitcases were filled. Some airlines offer their passengers to take two 20kg bags with them, the second of which will be used for donations.   At the end theWeiterlesen / Continue reading


Children of the caregivers 2019

Venus (7 Years) Abigail (2 Years) Christiana (4 Years) Eden (3 1/2 Years) Elizabeth (5 Years) Ethan (2 Years) Jeremiah (6 Years) Michaela (4 Years) Isabella (7 Years) Peace (15 Years) Arthur (6 Years) Arthur (3 1/2 Years) Brenda (12 Years) Dennis (12 Years) Emily (6 Years) Eunice (15 Years) Melody (1 Year) Mercy (11 Years) Hadassah (4 Years) Jedidiah (1 Year) Levi (5 Years) Mariam (5 Years) Patience (7 Years) Phionah (14 Years) Sumaia (8 Years) Sheila (4 Years) Abigail (6 Years) Katrina (6 Years) Janelle (4 Years) Lorielle (1 Year) Peace N (15 Years) Stacey (15 Years)  


Mirembe Cottage of Street Girls 2019

  Angel (12 Years) Angelina (14 Years) Anna Akori (17 Years) Anna Angole (17 Years) Anna Aya (17 Years) Anna Longoko (15 Years) Annette A. (17 Years) Annette M. (14 Years) Barbara (11 Years) Brenda (13 Years) Catherine (15 Years) Dina (18 Years) Elizabeth L. (14 Years) Elizabeth N. (14 Years) Gift (17 Years) Gloria (12 Years) Irene A. (18 Years) Irene B. (15 Years) Jennifer (10 Years) Mai (15 Years) Miriam (12 Years) Mercy (4 Years) Monday (19 Years) Natasha (5 Years) Rose (15 Years) Sabrina (14 Years) Sarah (20 Years) Sharon (14 Years) Sharuwa (11 Years) Swabra (15 Years) Teresa (17 Years) Valentina (11 Years) Zion (4 Years)