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Christmas presents 2017-2022

  Every year in September/October we start our Christmas project for the Sonrise Ministries in Uganda. We would like to make Christmas special for the children and caregivers as well as the families in Masese – a slum area in Jinja – with individual presents. With 20 Euros for a specific child or a freely chosen amount for the “big pot”, we can buy educational toys, clothes, toiletries and food on site and thus prepare an unforgettable Christmas for everyone. Over the years, we have gained many regular donors who donate for the same child every year and are eagerly following the development of the children. If you would like to be one of our regular donors, please contact Nina by e-mail and we will add you to our Christmas donation list until further notice. The children are also always happy to receive personal Christmas greetings and photos of theWeiterlesen / Continue reading

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Diary Team-trip 2017/2018

From 13 December 2017 to 10 January 2018 we will be back in Uganda. At this point, we would like to report to you on a daily basis what we have done and how we have used your donations. Have fun reading.   10.01.2018 In the middle of the night we drive to the airport. At 5 a.m. our first flight to Istanbul starts before continuing to Düsseldorf. We hope that our luggage will not end up in Istanbul this time. Since we have a four-hour stopover, we’ll sit down in a café. We can hardly believe when suddenly a friend of Bea, Mati and Helder shows up there and he will even travel back with us. In the plane we meet another friend. Coincidences happens 😀 Arrived in Düsseldorf the fear begins, whether the suitcases are there this time. It takes a long time until the first suitcase isWeiterlesen / Continue reading


Children of the caregivers 2017

​ Abigail 4 years Adoptive daughter of Buffy (Caregiver Mirembe Cottage) Arthur 1 1/2 years Son of Moses (Bus driver of Sonrise) (Big) Peace 14 years Granddaughter of Auntie Peace (Caregiver Baby’s Home) Christiana 2 years Daughter of Christine (Caregiver Baby’s Home)   Eden 2 years  Daughter of Damali (Founder Baby’s Home) Elianna 4 years Daughter of Emmanuel (Caregiver Baby’s Home) Elizabeth 4 years Daughter of Damali (Founder Baby’s Home) Emily 4 years Daughter of Moses (Bus driver of Sonrise) Ethan expected 11/12-2017 Son of Richard & Faith (Caregiver Baby’s Home) Hadassah 2 years Daughter of Ivan & Melissa (Pastor & Founder Children’s Home) Janelle 2 years Daughter of Lisa (Caregiver Mirembe Cottage) Jeremiah 4 years Son of Fina (Caregiver Baby’s Home)   Jerusha 1 1/2 years Daughter of William (Pastor Sonrise Community) Katrina 4 years Niece of Joanne (Caregiver Mirembe Cottage) Levi 4 years Son of Ivan & Melissa (Pastor & Founder Children’s Home) Michaela 2 years Daughter of Richard (Caregiver Baby’s Home) Venus 6 years Daughter of Damali (Founder Baby’s Home)    


Mirembe Cottage of Street Girls_2017

  Angelina  11 years Anna Akori 15 years Anna Angole 15 years Anna Aya 16 years         Anna Longoko 14 years Annette A. 15 years Annette M. 11 years Barbara 9 years         Brenda 11 years Cathy 13 years Dina 15 years Elizabeth L. 11 years           Elizabeth N. 12 years Gift 15 years Gloria 9 years Irene A. 16 years         Irene B. 13 years Jennifer 8 years Mai 13 years Margaret 19 years         Miriam 9 years Monday 17 years Natasha 3 years Rose 14 years         Sabrina 14 years Sarah 19 years Sharon 14 years Teresa 16 years       Valentina 10 years      


Sonrise Children’s Home_2017

​​​ Andrew 6 years Anisha 9 years Bethany 8 years (Big) Gift 8 years          Bonan 5 years Bryan 6 years Catherine 12 years David 5 years             Doreen 8 years Eddie 9 years Eric 10 years Esther 8 years           Gerold 9 years Godwin 11 years Grace Patience 6 years Ian 11 years          Isima 8 years Jolie 7 years Joseph 10 years Junior 10 years         Kevin 6 years Kirabo 7 years (Little) Gift 5 years (Little) Peace 5 years         Luke 7 years Matthew 6 years Mercy 8 years Michael 8 years         Miko 10 years Millie 13 years Mugisha 9 years Musa 7 years         Nathan 7 years Patrick 5 years Paul 9 years Percy 12 years          PhillipWeiterlesen / Continue reading


Sonrise Baby’s Home_2017

​ Agnes  5 years Amina  3 years Betty  3 years Caleb  3 years          Daniel 1 year Eli 3 years Elvin 2 years Esther 3 years             Henry 3 years John Mark 3 years Joshua 2 years Julius 3 years           Kato 1 1/2 years Laura 3 years Maliki 2 years Matthew 3 years          Melissa 4 years Mercy 2 years Moses 2 years Najib 1/2 year         Nicholette 4 years Patience 4 years Peace 5 years Praise (Ezra) 4 years         Prince 1 year Richard 3 years Robert 1 year Ryan 2 years         Sophie 4 years Tendo 3 years Tracy 1 year Tumwebaze 1 year         Viany 1 year Zack 4 years Zion 2 years        


19 July 2017 – Foundation of Peace’s Hope e.V.

Founding members from left to right: Manfred Kirchhoff, Gabi Haak, Warren Weidhorn, Nina Jungholt, Bernd Farber, Guadalupe Sanchis Otero, Marion Schwenker, Nina Fitschen, Silvana Pölitz (Lea in the front, daughter of founding member Nina Jungholt)   19th July, 2017 – finally the day arrived where we were able to found Peace’s Hope e.V. Throughout our first conference, which was attended by nine charter members, we not only passed our organisation’s charters, but also decided on the projects that we want to continue to support as well as new ones. As a strong team that we are we want to do our utmost to support our chosen projects. New members are always welcome. For all the aims that we decided on we need active as well as financial support. If we have sparked your interest in our association then click on the link below and become our newest member:   Membership    



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