Christmas presents 2017-2022


Every year in September/October we start our Christmas project for the Sonrise Ministries in Uganda. We would like to make Christmas special for the children and caregivers as well as the families in Masese – a slum area in Jinja – with individual presents.

With 20 Euros for a specific child or a freely chosen amount for the “big pot”, we can buy educational toys, clothes, toiletries and food on site and thus prepare an unforgettable Christmas for everyone.

Over the years, we have gained many regular donors who donate for the same child every year and are eagerly following the development of the children. If you would like to be one of our regular donors, please contact Nina by e-mail and we will add you to our Christmas donation list until further notice.

The children are also always happy to receive personal Christmas greetings and photos of the donors, which our team takes with them to Uganda during the Christmas season to handover to the children with their gifts.

In addition to the Christmas presents, the caregivers also receive the product samples that have already been donated, which we collect in Germany and take with us to Uganda in the team’s luggage.

Despite the growing number of children and caregivers, we have been able to achieve the following goals so far:


2022 4,460.00 Euro

3,350.00 Euro

7,810.00 Euro

 for 223 children

 for caregivers and families in Masese 


2021 3,960.00 Euro

2,410.00 Euro

6,370.00 Euro

 for 198 children

 for caregivers and families in Masese


2020 3,340.00 Euro

3,040.00 Euro

6,380.00 Euro

 for 167 children

 for caregivers and families in Masese


2019 3,480.00 Euro

2,280.00 Euro

5,760.00 Euro

 for 174 children

 for caregivers and families in Masese


2018 3,014.60 Euro

2,588.84 Euro

5,603.44 Euro

 for 151 children

 for cargivers and families in Masese


2017 2,648.50 Euro

699.96 Euro

3,348.46 Euro

 for 130 children

 for caregivers and families in Masese



If you would like to participate in this project, please fill out our donation form. Or if you would like to register as a regular donor, please write an email to: