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Financing of all houses of the new Baby Home

These days we received the wonderful news that all six planned residential buildings on the site of the new Baby Home have been financed. The construction of the first houses has also already started.  The focus of our support for the Baby Home project is therefore shifting to other important buildings on the site, including a protective wall and solar panels for self-sufficient electricity use.

General, News

Support of the sponsorships

Nadja will take care of the sponsors in the future, so that they will receive regular updates from their children in Uganda.  In addition, she will take over further administrative tasks for the association and thus support us strongly.  You can write to Nadja at any time at nadja@peaceshope.com on the subject of sponsorships. Thank you for your commitment Nadja!

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Christmas Gifts for the Sonrise Ministries 2020

Many thanks to all our supporters! The project goal for 2020 has been reached 😀    We would like to give the children and caregivers at Sonrise Ministries and the families in Masese – a slum area in Jinja – individual presents to decorate Christmas. With 20 Euro for a certain child or a freely selectable amount for the “big pot” we can buy educational toys, clothes, hygiene articles and food on the spot and thus prepare an unforgettable Christmas for everyone. As in the previous year, you can continue to choose a child directly. The amount per child is still 20 Euro. Also the “big pot” is again from the part. In this pot one may pay any amount, if one does not want to decide for a child. At the end of the project we divide this amount between the children without direct donors, the carers of SonriseWeiterlesen / Continue reading

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Christmas Gifts 2020

Finally, the Christmas gift campaign 2020 has started. If you would also like to give a Christmas present to a child in one of the three houses of the Sonrise Ministries, a child of a caregiver, the caregivers themselves or the families in Masese this year, then click on the following link and you will be redirected directly to the project page: Christmas Gifts


Staff kids 2020

Thank you! All children of the caregivers do have a sponsor for 2020!       Venus (8 Years) Abigail (3 Years) Christabella (8 Years) Christiana (4 Years) Eden (4 Years) Elizabeth (6 Years) Ethan (3 Years) Jeremiah (7 Years) Michaela (5 Years) Jessy (1/2 Year)       Hadassah (5 Years) Jedidiah (2 Years) Levi (6 Years) Patience (8 Years) Sumaia (9 Years) Erica (1 Year)       Abigail (7 Years) Katrina (7 Years) Janelle (5 Years) Lorielle (2 Years) Kirabo (6 Years) Zoe (1 Year)        


Sonrise Childrens Home 2020

Thank you! All children do have a sponsor for 2020!       Agnes (8 Years) Amina (6 Years) Andrew (9 Years) Anisha (12 Years) Bethany (11 Years) (Big) Gift (11 Years) Bonan (7 Years) Brian (9 Years)     Caleb (6 Years) Catherine (15 Years) David (8 Years) Doreen (11 Years) Eddie (12 Years) Eli (7 Years) Elvin (5 Years) Eric (13 Years)       (Big) Esther (11 Years) (Little) Esther (6 Years) Gerold (12 Years) Godwin (14 Years) Grace Patience (9 Years) Henry (6 Years) Ian (14 Years) Isima (11 Years)       Israel (4 Years) John Mark (6 Years) Jolie (10 Years) Joseph (13 Years) Joshua (5 Years) Julius (6 Years) Junior (13 Years) Kevin (9 Years)         Kirabo (10 Years) Laura (6 Years) (Little) Gift (8 Years) (Little) Peace (8 Years) Luke (10 Years) Matthew (9 Years) Melissa (7 Years) MercyWeiterlesen / Continue reading


Mirembe Cottage of Street Girls 2020

Thank you! All girls do have a sponsor for 2020!       Angel (13 Years) Angelina (15 Years) Anna Akori (18 Years) Anna Angole (18 Years) Anna Aya (18 Years) Anna Longoko (16 Years) Annette A. (18 Years) Annette M. (15 Years)       Barbara (12 Years) Brenda (14 Years) Catherine (16 Years) Dina (19 Years) Elizabeth L. (15 Years) Elizabeth N. (15 Years) Faridah (5 Years) Gift (18 Years)       Gloria (12 Years) Irene A. (19 Years) Irene B. (16 Years) Jennifer (11 Years) Mai (16 Years) Miriam (12 Years) Mercy (5 Years) Monday (19 Years)       Natasha (6 Years) Rose (16 Years) Sabrina (15 Years) Sarah (21 Years) Sharon (15 Years) Sharuwa (12 Years) Swabra (16 Years) Teresa (18 Years) Valentina (12 Years) Zion (5 Years)            


Sonrise Baby Home 2020

Thank you! All babies do have a sponsor for 2020!       Betty (5 Years) Bethany (4 Years) Brian (3 Years) Daniel (4 Years) Flavia (2 Years) Gabi Suubi (3 Years) Haggai (3 Years) Helen (3 Years)       Helena (3 Years) Israel (4 Years) Jane (1 Year) Jaril (1/2 Year) Jennifer (3 Years) Josephine Kirabo (2 Years) Kathryn (3 Years) Kato (5 Years)       Kelly (2 Years) Larry (3 Years) Lydia (2 Years) Maliki (5 Years) Mark (4 Years) Mary (2 Years) Moses (7 Months)         Melvin (3 Years) Michael (3 Years) Miria (2 Years) Musa (3 Years) Muteteri Merabu (1 Year) Najib (3 Years)           Prince Arthur (4 Years) Ruth (2 Years) Tracey (3 Years) Trevor (3 Years) Tumwebaze (4 Years) Xervier (3 Years) Juliana Ssanyu (1 Year) Magret Maria (10 months)          


Christmas presents 2017-2022

  Every year in September/October we start our Christmas project for the Sonrise Ministries in Uganda. We would like to make Christmas special for the children and caregivers as well as the families in Masese – a slum area in Jinja – with individual presents. With 20 Euros for a specific child or a freely chosen amount for the “big pot”, we can buy educational toys, clothes, toiletries and food on site and thus prepare an unforgettable Christmas for everyone. Over the years, we have gained many regular donors who donate for the same child every year and are eagerly following the development of the children. If you would like to be one of our regular donors, please contact Nina by e-mail and we will add you to our Christmas donation list until further notice. The children are also always happy to receive personal Christmas greetings and photos of theWeiterlesen / Continue reading