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Diary Team-Trip 2022

Here we will report again what our team has experienced on our trip from 07 November to 06 December 2022, what tasks we had locally and how your donations were used. Also this year, the diary will not only be written by one person, but each traveler will tell once from his perspective. We hope you enjoy reading it.   07.11.2022 (Gabi) I have about 24 hours of travel ahead of me, but I am full of anticipation to finally see all the children and caregivers of Sonrise Ministries again. The day already starts great. The cab driver who takes me to the airport is so interested in the project that he gives me cash right away and tells me to use it on site. The flights leave on time and Richard is already waiting for me at the airport. Tired, I go to bed around 2 a.m. local time.Weiterlesen / Continue reading

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Project School Sponsorship

At the beginning of the year we started a new project. Besides sponsoring one of the Sonrise children, it is now also possible to sponsor a school child of the Sonrise Baby Home in Wabirongo or a community child of the Sonrise Children’s Home in Kamuli or the Mirembe Cottage in Wakikoola.  If you would like to know more about this project or would like to have a list of the babies and community children without sponsors, please contact our dear Nadja directly. For additional information please have a look at the project page.