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Farming project: Community pig breeding

A new farm project could be started this year on the pig farm of the Children’s Home. The project aims to enable families from the community to set up their own small pig farm. Sonrise lends some piglets, which are raised by the families to generate afterwards new generation, which remains then finally with the families. Further information can be found on our project page of the farm.


Change in the farming project

We made a change to the farming project. The selection of the species has been removed. The animals that have already been purchased are procreating and therefore the demand is constantly changing. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to donate for pigs, because Sonrise or Mirembe need turkeys. We have also added seeds, fences, stables, animal feed and transport of the animals to this project. Of course, donors can still use the comment field to express their wishes if they wish to sponsor a specific animal for Sonrise or Mirembe.


New piglets

  Good news from our farm at the Children’s Home construction! In the last few days some of our pigs gave birth to healthy and beautiful baby-pigs!!! With the new borns, we reached a total of 41 pigs. So exciting!!!