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Toothbrush donation from Humble

It was a great pleasure that we unpacked the packages from Humble. Humble donated 700 toothbrushes to our health campaign in Uganda. Humble produces toothbrushes from bamboo. On the one hand to reduce the use of plastic and on the other hand because bamboo is an extremely sustainable product. Easy and fast regrowing. We are excited about the idea and quality of the products and are looking forward to distributing the toothbrushes to many children and adults in Uganda as part of a toothbrush training course.  



  On this page, we will try to answer any open questions you may have. If you have any further questions, feel free to write an e-mail to: info@peaceshope.com   C     D     E     H     P C         C Why do I incur costs in the target country, when I travel as a volunteer? On-site cost for each volunteer are incurred, e.g. for meals, accommodation, trips etc. As the organizations are fully dependent on donations, these costs must be covered by yourself. There is no financial leeway to provide volunteers in addition. Also, further staff is required for the care.         D Why are no donation receipts for active cooperation or travel expenses into a target country issued? In our statutes, we have committed ourselves to the fact that everyone is working on a purely voluntary basis. Travel expenses are also affected. This is the only way to keepWeiterlesen / Continue reading


Active help in Germany

  Also in Germany we need your help, e. g. for packing suitcases with commodity items. Would you like to help us with active work? Then subscribe to our mailing list. This does not imply any obligation for you. If you don’t have the time and desire, no reaction is required. We will only inform you when and in what form we need your help and you can decide freely whether you want to participate or not. Interested? Then register for our helper distributor: info@peaceshope.com


Active help in project country

You would like to help locally, but don’t like to travel alone? You are interested in getting actively involved with the Sonrise Ministries in Uganda and getting to know the whole project? We can offer you the opportunity to join one of our next trips. Please note that we are not a tour operator, we can only help you with the organisation. We have to mention this for legal reasons as we cannot take any responsibility for you and your trip. Nadja, one of our members, will be happy to help you with the organisation of your trip and will provide you with advice and assistance. She has already travelled to Uganda twice herself and knows the country very well. Please note that Nadja does this for you on a voluntary, honorary and private basis. You can get in contact with her via the following e-mail address: nadja@peaceshope.com We askWeiterlesen / Continue reading