On this page, we will try to answer any open questions you may have. If you have any further questions, feel free to write an e-mail to: info@peaceshope.com


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Why do I incur costs in the target country, when I travel as a volunteer?
On-site cost for each volunteer are incurred, e.g. for meals, accommodation, trips etc. As the organizations are fully dependent on donations, these costs must be covered by yourself. There is no financial leeway to provide volunteers in addition. Also, further staff is required for the care.






Why are no donation receipts for active cooperation or travel expenses into a target country issued?
In our statutes, we have committed ourselves to the fact that everyone is working on a purely voluntary basis. Travel expenses are also affected. This is the only way to keep our running costs low.

Why donations are not issued for donations of commodity items?
Donations of commodity items are difficult to evaluate, since they consist mainly of used clothes or objects. We therefore ask for your understanding that we can not issue a donation receipt.






Why is the e-mail-address a mandatory field in the donation form?
We try to keep our running costs as low as possible and therefore send everything via e-mail. Only so we can realize our vision of 100 % – 100 % of the donations arrive on-site.






What does it mean to be included in the helper distribution list?
We always need active help in Germany, e.g. packing parcels, distributing brochures etc. With the inclusion in the helper distribution list you do not commit any obligation. You are only informed, if we need help for an action. If you do not have time or interest, you do not need to react. You can always apply to be removed from the list again.






Who pays the fees for Paypal?
If you choose the payment with Paypal, we are charged by a fee of 0.35 Euro plus 1.5 % of the donated amount. This means for example a fee of 0.65 Euro for a 20 Euro donation. To ensure that 100 % of the donations continue to arrive on site, we finance these fees via our membership fees. You are very welcome to pay these fees for us by increasing your donation amount by the appropriate fees. In this way you help us to be able to keep our vision of 100 %.