Christmas presents Sonrise Ministries


We have already been able to brighten up Christmas with presents for the children and their cargivers in Uganda for the last two years. This tradition we want and need to continue and besides that we want to include the families of Masese into this project for the first time. Together with the girls of the Mirembe Cottage of Street Girls we regularly visit their families in the slums just before Christmas.

To prepare an unforgettable Christmas for everyone it only takes 20 Euros per child and a donation left to your decision for the caregivers of Sonrise Ministries as well as the families of Masese. That money will allow us to buy a lot of things for them.

At the end of this page you can decide whether you want to donate for a child of the Sonrise Baby’s Home or Children’s Home, a girl of the Mirembe Cottage of Street Girls, a carers’ child, a caregivers or one of the Masese families. Additionally to their christmas presents the carers will get the donated product samples (also see package service).

You will get to the selection of children by clicking the buttons below. On the next page you can choose the child you want to make a present to.

Feel free to write an additional christmas card, preferred in English. You can hand it in personally or post it to us and we personally will take it with us when we travel to Uganda. Here is a short hint: the children were been really pleased by the donor’s photos last year. It gave them the opportunity to see who gave them the presents. Furthermore we would ask you not to add any more personal presents as our luggage is limited.


Families of the girls in Masese
Sonrise Baby’s Home

Thank you! All children of Baby’s

Home do have a sponsor for 2017!

Sonrise Children’s Home

Thank you! All children of Children’s

Home do have a sponsor for 2017!

Mirembe Cottage of Street Girls

Thank you! All girls of Mirembe

Cottage do have a sponsor for 2017!

Children of the caregivers

Thank you! All children of the

caregivers do have a sponsor for 2017!