Parcels sent

After sending 13 parcels to Uganda in August, we now managed to send 4 more parcels. Kind donors made this happen. 

On the 18th November 6 keen helpers (Nina Jungholt, Nina Fitschen, Sameh Fares, Hadeel Khallouf, Gabi Haak and Silvana Pölitz) met to pack these parcels. We are not only sending clothes and shoes but also toys and other useful items.




In December eight travelers will start their trip to the Sonrise Ministries. This year the program has a clear focus: the health care campaign.  In the last weeks we collected tooth paste, brushes and reading glasses that we will distribute in Uganda. These items will also travel the long haul – in the travelers’ personal luggage. 

We fitted 1000 tooth pastes, 536 tooth brushes for children, 161 tooth brushes for adults and 800 reading glasses in 7 suitcases (each 23 kg). It wasn’t an easy task but we did it!


The parcels were sent to Uganda on the 22nd November 2017 and you can track and trace them through the following links: