Special project: Vaccination campaign

Sonrise has asked us to start a special project to protect their children. The children are regularly infected with infectious diseases and need medical care. Therefore we would like to vaccinate all children against the most common diseases. In total we still need the following vaccinations for all three houses:


  • 36 x mumps/measles/rubella – per vaccination approx. 17 Euro
  • 148 x Hepatitis B – per vaccination approx. 12 Euro (average price, as in some cases the triple vaccination is still required)
  • 141 x typhoid – approx. 13 Euro per vaccination
  • 146 x yellow fever – per vaccination approx. 27 Euro


For this project the amount of donations collected by Peace’s Hope e.V. has reached


0 Euro


Already invested as an association locally: 0 Euro


If you want to contribute to this project please fill in our donation form.