Two big donations


Great things happened in May. We received two big donations for the construction projects we support in Uganda.

In agreement with the sponsors, one donation will be used to expand the new residential building in Wakikoola for the girls of Mirembe Cottage. In this way, we are also helping to ensure that the building can be completed before the girls are expected to move into their new home in August. There they will then live nearby to their new school, which already opened in February. Up to 60 girls can be accommodated in this house. This will allow Mirembe to provide twice as many girls with a safe home away from the streets as before.

The second donation will be used to build another school for the Sonrise Children’s Home in Kamuli. The school system in Uganda consists of three different schools. Nursery School for children aged 3 to 6, Primary School for children aged 6 to 13 and Secondary School for children aged 13 to 19. As the new school opened in February is a Primary School, the Ministry of Education of Uganda has now defined that the next school should be a Nursery School.  The smaller children of the Sonrise Ministries and children surrounding will therefore also get access to education. In addition to English, they also teach mathematics, reading and writing. We are very pleased to be able to contribute to the start of the construction of the Nursery School.

Many thanks once again to the generous donors!