Diary Team-trip 2018

Here we will report again what our team experienced on our trip from December 2, 2018 to January 2, 2019, what tasks we had locally and how your donations were used. We wish you a lot of fun reading.


03 January 2019

Even though our diary actually ends on January 02, there’s still a little update on Michael. Since today he is in the Sonrise Babies Home and is taken care of by Auntie Peace.


02. January 2019

Arrived at the airport in Entebbe, now the long waiting begins, since our flight starts only at 5 o’clock in the morning. Also in Istanbul we have to wait a lot. Tired we finally reach Düsseldorf in the late afternoon. First big joy that all suitcases arrived. Unfortunately not always the standard at the airline with which we travelled. Then the next big joy. Mario – one of our team members – stands at the gate and welcomes us with two symbolic glasses of beans. After four weeks of mainly rice with beans to eat we have to laugh heartily about this symbolism. Separately it goes then for each of us home. Many memories, beautiful moments, but also sad experiences fill us, which have to be processed first of all.


01 January 2019

First of all we wish all our readers a wonderful new year 2019 🙂

In the early morning Gabi drives back to Masese as promised with Daniel to pick up Anthony and his mother at the hospital for the treatment of his ear. In search of Anthony we meet a mother with her baby. She pushes the little child into Gabi’s arms and begs us for help. We quickly realize that the baby is completely malnourished. The mother also points out an ulcer in the genital area. We decide to take this child with us to the hospital for examination. In addition to the mothers of the two, we also have a sibling to accompany us.

The examinations in the hospital show that Anthony’s body is covered with parasites. However, medication is sufficient. The condition of the baby Michael is more critical. The ulcer must be surgically removed. For this operation, however, the one-year-old Michael is much too weak with just 5 kg. Since his mother also suffers from malnutrition, she does not produce nutritious breast milk. We consult with Damali to discuss the next steps. First we organize a Boda-Boda for Anthony and his mother and sister, which will bring them back to Masese. Of course with all medicines necessary for the treatment of his parasite infection. With Michael, his mother Lucy and his brother Moses we drive to the Sonrise Babies Home.

Arriving at the home, we first bathe Michael and dress him again. We try to give him a bottle of milk. But he refuses any bottle, because he has only received mother’s milk so far. His mother is not trained in handling the bottle. We discuss with the mother how to proceed. Michael urgently needs to gain weight in order to survive the necessary operation. We suggest to her that Michael be admitted to the Sonrise Babies Home for a few months. As soon as Auntie Peace has returned from her vacation, she will take care of him. She has already saved the lives of many children who were in a similar condition. We guarantee the mother that she will be able to see her child regularly and that she will be trained in nutrition and care. However, we must also obtain the father’s permission to do so.

Together with Catherine (manager of Babies Home) we go to the city to buy food for the family and then back to Masese. Catherine wants to get a picture of the family’s accommodation. We are very relieved when Michael’s father agrees with our proposal. As the Sonrise Babies Home does not have sufficient financial means at the moment, we at Peace’s Hope will try to raise the necessary money for Michael by means of a special project. We very much hope that we will find sufficient support for this. Gabi pays the first costs out of her own pocket, because with the treatment in the hospital and the food purchase all donations available locally were used up. If you want to help us save Michael’s life, we would be very happy. Every cent helps. The following link will give you information about the special project for Michael:

Special project for Michael – Project goal achieved

In the afternoon we go to the Sonrise Babies Home. Now it’s time to say goodbye. With a heavy heart we say goodbye to everyone. At 8 pm Richard picks us up and drives us to the airport. Now also the last three of the team travel back home.


December 31, 2018

Immediately after breakfast we go shopping in town again. We want to go to Masese this afternoon. A slum area on the outskirts of Jinja, where many of the girls of the Mirembe Cottage come from. Thanks to the many donations for the big pot we can give the families in Masese a lot of sugar, rice, salt, oil, soap, tomatoes, onions, meat, tea, bread, butter, drinks as well as some clothes donated by the team. When we and the girls handed over the presents to the families in the afternoon, the joy and gratitude was immense. A big thank you to our donors who made this possible.

During our tour through Masese we notice a boy with a festered ear and a swollen stomach. In agreement with the mother, we would like to have him examined in the hospital. The following day Gabi will return to Masese with Daniel to pick up the mother and the boy. Peace’s Hope will pay for the treatment. The father of Monday – a girl from the Mirembe Cottage – is not in good health either. He is in great pain. We decide to bring him medication the next day.

In the evening we drive to the girls in the Mirembe Cottage, in order to spend there a small New Year’s Eve celebration with them. Gabi has donated cookies, chips, drinks and popcorn. Many thanks to her family and friends, who have given up their birthday and Christmas presents. Before midnight they return to the guesthouse. At the turn of the year we can even see the fireworks from the house.

We wish all our families, friends and acquaintances all the best for the new year 2019 and thank all the supporters of Peace’s Hope e.V. Without you all this would not be possible.



December 30, 2018

In the morning we go to the Babies Home to look after the little ones, while most of the carers are in the church. It is a lot of fun to play and cuddle with the children. A visit by three volunteers from Denmark brings a sweet surprise in the form of watermelon and pineapple. The joy is great about the sweet and refreshing treat. Later in the morning some children from the community come to the Babies Home to listen to the Sunday lessons. After lunch we return to the guest house.

In the afternoon we visit Lisa and the just one month old Lorielle. Lisa is the wife of Daniel, the founder of the Mirembe Cottage and Lorielle their first child together. The little one does not let herself be disturbed by the change from one arm to the other and we are all fascinated by her sweet sight.

After the visit, we are looking forward to some variety and relaxation. We drive with Aisha to Lake Victoria and take a boat trip. First we moor at a fishing village before we go to the source of the Nile. In Jinja the Nile rises from Lake Victoria and makes its long way through many African countries. The evening ends with a delicious dinner at the Sailing Club. A wonderful end to the day.


December 29, 2018

Today we drive again to Wakisi to keep our promise to the mayor and to carry out a second sandfleet operation. In the church we set up the different stations. On one side the heads are washed and treated with a fungicide. On the other side the feet are washed and then the hands and feet are examined for sand fleas. Fina helps Moni and Gabi with the removal of the parasites and their eggs. Peace, which comes from the village, also helps us. As a reward every child gets a lollipop after the treatment.

Two children are especially noticeable in the church. A boy who has an open wound on his ear and a swelling on his neck. We decide to buy medication for the treatment. A girl is affected by extreme worm infections. However, this is so pronounced in her that she needs hospital treatment. 

During the sand flea treatment of the children in the church, Sarah goes from house to house with Mukasa and Silas to spray them with a pesticide against sand fleas, ticks, bugs, etc. The children are then treated with a pesticide. There they notice another girl lying apathetically on the floor. Also here a treatment in the hospital is necessary.

After the action Gabi goes with Aisha and the two girls and their grandmothers to the hospital to have them examined. The worm infestation at Tracey is confirmed. She receives some medication to free her small body completely from the parasites. Patience confirms the suspicion of malaria, which is already at an advanced stage. The treatment is more than urgently necessary. We also receive suitable medication for the boy after describing his symptoms. Peace’s Hope covers all treatment costs. Also for the coming days, because Patience has to be treated intensively for some days. We very much hope that the children will recover before our departure.

In the late afternoon we drive with Richard to his family. He lives with Miracle – his wife – and Ethan – his one-year-old son – in a small house not far from Jinja. They have built some fruit plants all around, from whose fruits Miracle has conjured up a delicious juice for us. Later we plan to extend the building. Curiosity drives us to the roof. There we have a wonderful view down to Lake Victoria. A dreamlike piece of earth.

Afterwards we drive to Michaela, Richard’s three-year-old daughter, who currently lives with her aunt. She runs a Nursery School, which Michaela will attend from February next year. Together with her aunt and Michaela we drive to the local market. Moni wants to buy new clogs for some of the children of Sonrise Children’s Home. Quickly a big bag or a bathtub fills up with the shoes 😉 Many thanks to Moni for this lovely gesture.


28 December 2018

We spend the morning at Mirembe Cottage, where the girls are busy writing thank you cards for our supporters. It’s touching how much love the girls have for the cards.

After lunch, the girls start to jerk off. For this they had to draw a name first and then repackage part of their gift for this girl or a caregiver. The handover takes place with great joy and a lot of shouting.


December 27, 2018

Some of the team want to use their last day in Uganda to buy some souvenirs for family, friends and acquaintances. So we take a taxi (a minibus for about 14 people or more ;-)) to Main Street in Uganda. The shopping makes us hungry, so Nadja invites us to Rolex and Chapati. By taxi and Boda-Boda we go back to the guesthouse packed full.

In the afternoon we visit the babies, so that Nadja and Isa can say goodbye to the little ones. The farewell is visibly difficult. Especially Israel does not want to let Nadja simply go and clings crying to her. After the last common dinner Nadja and Isa are already fetched by Richard. Now it means also for us to take leave of the both. The last days we will be now only here to three.


December 26th, 2018

Today is our last day in Kamuli. First we write with the children the thank you cards for the donors of the Christmas presents. The children have great fun pressing their handprints onto the cards with watercolours. Then the big farewell begins. The words, gestures and prayers of the children and carers move us a lot. Even one or two tears flow. Every child is pressed and hearted before we make our way back to Jinja. We use the afternoon to finish the thank you cards with the babies in the Sonrise Babies Home. But with the little ones of the Sonrise Ministries everything is a bit more chaotic. 😉


December 25th 2018

It’s 4:00 in the morning today for all of us to get up. About 100 pancakes have to be baked and 100 sausages fried for the children’s Christmas breakfast. Around 7 o’clock we go to the Sonrise Children’s Home. Breakfast is served together on the terrace. The children are already very tingly because of all the excitement. After breakfast they are finally allowed to unpack their stockings, which are filled with many delicacies. Afterwards the children go to Mass while we put the presents under the Christmas tree.

First we watch some Christmas movies together again. In the late afternoon we have a very special meal. French fries, rice, chapati and chicken. Then we finally go to unpack the big presents. The joy with the children is huge. Immediately there is a lot of play with the new toys.

Also here a very big thank you to all our donors who made such a great Christmas for the children of the Sonrise Ministries possible. You have prepared a very special day for the children.


24 December 2018

Christmas Eve we start with a walk to Mzee James. An elderly gentleman who lives a little bit secluded in a simple house built by a team this summer. James used to live in a simple mud hut that was about to decay. James unfortunately has no relatives to take care of him. He is also sick at the moment. Sonrise’s children visit him regularly to wash his clothes and dishes and to clean the house and forecourt. Unfortunately, he has very little to live on. He mainly receives donations from Sonrise. His story grips us so much that we spontaneously decide to help James and give him a very special Christmas. Together with some of Sonrise’s staff we make a list of the most needed things and also ask James if he has any special wishes.

Afterwards Gabi immediately goes with Dennis and Catherine to the city to buy soap, a solar lamp, a pillow, bed linen, mosquito net, washing bowls, new clothes, a Kunzu (traditional festive dress of the men in Uganda), lots of food and hygiene products as well as two live chickens. He also needs medicine so that he can recover in peace. When we give him all the things on behalf of Peace’s Hope, the joy and gratitude is huge. We are all very moved and plan to continue supporting James in the future. Many thanks to all our donors who make it possible for us to help such people and to prepare a very special Christmas.

In the evening we will go to Christmas singing with the children. For this we wait until darkness falls. Some of the children get candles, others light the way with flashlights. We all have a Christmassy feeling when we walk from neighbour to neighbour and sing Christmassy songs. After the singing we watch a Christmas movie with the children. There is hot chocolate and cookies baked by Sherry and ourselves. What a beautiful end to a touching day.


December 23, 2018

First we go to the Sunday fair. During the mass the children get some Sunday lessons in a separate room. Therefore we divide the team. After the mass we are invited to lunch again in different houses of the children.

Afterwards we go to the school kitchen, where we prepare popcorn for the children for the community celebration in the afternoon. The popcorn bags are then packed into a bag together with lollipops, biscuits, drinks, snacks, pencils, ballpoint pens and exercise books. The space in front of the school fills up rapidly during our packing action. Finally we can distribute the bags to the children of the community. The joy is huge as this is the first action of this kind in Kamuli. Unfortunately, we have to realize that the number of bags is far from sufficient. In a hurry we organize more gifts. No child should go home without a gift.

Sarah has another special surprise for the children. She bought three swings. Two of them will be placed near the houses, the third near the school. The children cannot get enough of them.

A day full of joy is coming to an end. On our way home we see many children with the bags packed by us waving to us full of joy.


22 December 2018

Today we are allowed to bake cookies for the children. For this we go to Melissa & Ivan’s house and bake delicious cookies from morning till late afternoon. Besides cinnamon and peanut butter cookies there are also brownies. Of course some of the cookies have to pass our quality control first. Snacking is allowed today 😉 With the Boda-Boda we return to the guesthouse in the evening.


21 December 2018

After a delicious breakfast we drive to Sonrise Children’s Home. There is another meeting at school so that we can use the time to play with the children. Soon the children found someone new to take over the part of Uncle Boda-Boda from Mario. Moni is happy to take on this task.

When the meeting is over, we go to school. There is a soccer match. Team Ivan against Team Melissa. The teachers of the school take water showers to cool down the players during the match. But it’s not just the players, many others also get a cold shower. So do we. Team Melissa wins clearly.

After the match the handing over of the Christmas presents packed by us to the employees of Sonrise Ministries in Kamuli takes place. The joy about the well filled bags is great. The celebration ends with a lot of dancing and joy.


December 20, 2018

In the morning we drive with the packed Christmas presents to the Babies Home. Already at our arrival we are greeted with great joy. When the carers, who work so hard, hear that today even everyone receives three bags full of Christmas presents, the cheering knows no bounds. The acceptance of the gifts is accompanied by a lot of joyful applause. Finally, we hand over the medicines bought the day before.

Damali then calls for a dance competition, which takes place in the house due to the onset of rain. The winner will receive 50,000 UGX as an additional Christmas bonus. Also we must participate. We do more or less well, but really none of us gets this African hip swing. In the end, Christine deservedly wins.

Around noon we drive back to the guesthouse to pack our things for the next days. In the evening we drive back to Kamuli and stay there until 26 December. Please forgive us if the diary here falters again. It’s very possible that we won’t have internet there again.


December 19, 2018.

In the morning we first drive to the Mirembe Cottage to present the carers there with their Christmas presents. The surprise is that we can hold three bags in everyone’s hand.

Afterwards we drive to a village near Wakikoola. We want to remove the sand fleas from the children’s feet and hands and free the head from worms and other vermin. In addition, some houses are to be sprayed with pesticides in order to remove the vermin there as well. This makes the treatment much more sustainable. The team is divided into different working groups. Some wash the hair, others help to remove the sand fleas, cream the heads with fungicide ointment, distribute lollipops for comfort or help with spraying in the houses.

The mayor of the village tells us during the action that the need in the village is many times higher. He asks us to come back on another day and do a similar treatment on a larger scale. We promise to come back after Christmas.

After lunch the team splits up again. Sarah has agreed to distribute the rice and sugar further for the gifts of the carers, Gabi travels with Richard to the city to buy medicine for all three homes as well as the second sandfleet removal campaign and the rest goes shopping for some souvenirs. Some are about to leave.

The rest of the day is packed again with the presents of the carers until everything is finally finished in the evening. Afterwards everyone helps to write cards for the children for whom we don’t have any. The team did a great job again today.


December 18, 2018.

When we arrived at the Babies Home today, we were greeted with a dance of the carers and loud drumming. We bought a lot of urgently needed diapers from a part of the donations from the project “urgent need”. With this dance we would like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Afterwards the team divides into two groups. Heidi, Moni, Nadja and Sarah make a trip to the Nile with the babies. Isa and Gabi go to the city and buy the Christmas presents for the carers. This year we can buy rice, sugar, salt, oil, soap, cream, matches, tea and spices for the considerably increased number thanks to the numerous donations. Until late in the evening the team tirelessly packs three bags full of these wonderful things per caregiver. Many thanks to all the kind donors who made this possible and many thanks to the team who worked so diligently.


December 17th, 2018

Finally we see the girls from Mirembe Cottage again. At first the new team members are shown and explained the whole project. Afterwards we help with the completion of the drawn cards. It is a lot of fun to work with the bright colours.

After lunch, Isa, Moni and Nadja can also put together their individual bracelets, necklaces or earrings from the paper beads known for Uganda.

The day ends with a typical snack in Uganda, a Rolex. This is a kind of thick pancake (chapatti), followed by an omelette with paprika, onions and tomatoes. This is then rolled up. This could be called fast food here. But it is very tasty and everybody is happy about it.



December 16th, 2018

We can sleep a little longer tonight. After breakfast we go to the Babies Home to accompany the little ones to the fair in the immediate vicinity. Most of the little ones fall asleep in our arms towards the end. After the church we have lunch together in the Babies Home.

After a short break we go to the Babies Home farm. There we have to crush the feed for the cows and pack it in sacks. A tedious and dusty job that the farmers have to do every day. Sarah and Nadja are allowed to practice milking. Even the little ones come to visit us on the farm and have a lot of fun. After a refreshing shower and a delicious dinner we fall tired into bed.


15 December 2018

Today we’re at the Babies Home. Each team member is assigned to a different caregiver to tidy up and clean the children’s rooms. A team member helps with the bevelling in the kitchen.

Then all the children, except for the smallest babies, are packed into two cars together with the team and we drive to Jinja to a kind of funfair. An exciting experience for the children. In a nearby restaurant we have a snack and cold drinks for the big and small ones, combined with lots of games. After the so rare excursion for the babies we put the tired children in their beds. We use the late afternoon to sort and label the Christmas presents for the babies and the carers as well as their children.



14 December 2018

We say goodbye to the Murchison Falls National Park and make our way to the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. There we are surprised to find the rhinos in this park on foot. We are all very excited when we make our first discovery. A female rhinoceros with its offspring. We can watch from close up how the small rhino is suckled. An incredibly peaceful sight. We search for more rhinos and find a small group of five. Since it is very hot, these lie sleeping in the shade. We are allowed to approach up to a few meters. An unbelievable experience. So we actually saw the Big Five in the three days.

Then we drive towards Entebbe to pick up our last team member at the hotel and at the same time we have to say goodbye to the first two team members. The small time window in which the team is fully present in Uganda is used for a joint team photo. After saying goodbye to Nina and Mario, we head back to Jinja through the rush hour.

13 December 2018

In the early morning we start our second game drive. We can hardly believe our luck when we discover our third leopard. The lions hide in the bushes. Also many other animals are to be seen again. In the afternoon we take a boat towards the waterfalls and discover crocodiles, hippos and a lot of beautiful birds. Near the waterfalls we get out and hike to the summit. The view from here is breathtaking. You could watch the incredible power of the water for hours, but we have to return to the camp before nightfall.


12 December 2018

We drive to Kampala early in the morning to pick up two more team members. First big shock, the two arrived without their suitcases. Fortunately they packed the most important things for the safari into their hand luggage. So we continue towards Murchison Falls National Park, which we reach in the afternoon. As soon as we have moved into our rooms, we start our first game drive. Besides a lot of monkeys, antelopes, buffalos, giraffes, elephants and many other animals we have the rare luck to discover two leopards. Before nightfall we take the ferry back to our lodge. During dinner we get a visit from some hippos in the camp, to which we keep a respectful distance. A day full of beautiful nature is coming to an end.


11 December 2018

After a short visit to the hospital we drive back to the children. There we are greeted joyfully with the announcement that we are allowed to cook for everyone today. Each again in a different house. So we split up and cook in each house the beans, rice and chapati we already know so well. Chapati is a pancake-like dough, which is additionally enriched with carrots, paprika, onions, garlic or lime. In the few days in Uganda we have already learned to love Chapati.

After lunch it’s time for part of the team to say goodbye. Today we drive back to Jinja, because tomorrow we go on a three-day safari. Nina and Mario will return directly after the safari and Heidi will leave before our next stay in Kamuli. Brenda surprises us with a small farewell party for the three. It is very emotional when the children and carers say goodbye to the three of them in personal words. It is obviously difficult for all of them. Touched and full of emotions we drive back to Jinja, where we have to pack again for the safari. Since it only rained today, some of us freeze a little for the first time. Mind you with still 23°C.

Please have understanding for us, if the diary is continued only after the three days, because we will probably have no Internet during the safari again. Of course we will catch up on everything.



December 10th 2018

Today we have a part of the Christmas presents with us, namely the urgently needed food and hygiene articles. There are also some donations from Germany, which we transported here with the suitcases. The children are eagerly watching what we are packing out of the boxes. The articles are evenly distributed among all six houses. The joy over the simple household articles is very large, since these have a completely different value here. The clothes are tried on immediately. As a thank-you they sing for us and dance a little.

Afterwards we go to the goat enclosure. Today we should drive the goats together to the pasture in the swamp. No easy work, because the goats run in all directions, but not in the directions they should. With the many children by the hand, the constant getting stuck in the swamp and the warm temperatures a strenuous work. The lunch break afterwards is more than necessary.

After lunch we first play with the children. Then we walk over some fields to a meadow where we collect a special food for the pigs. A green plant containing a milk-like extract. With the full bags we go to the pigsty, where we feed the pigs with the freshly collected grass. The pigs are very happy about the variety.

Afterwards we drive back to the guesthouse tired but full of nice memories.


09 December 2018

Right after breakfast we drive to the children of the Sonrise Children’s Home. Mario is greeted enthusiastically with Oncle Boda-Boda. The children remember the motorcycle game on Wednesday. A Boda-Boda is the typical means of transport in Uganda. A motorcycle with a slightly longer bench so that many people can sit on it at the same time.

Together we go to the fair in the Primary School Block. There is a lot of singing, praying and dancing. After about half of the mass, the children have to go to Sunday classes. Then we go back to the houses. Each of us is invited to lunch in a different house.

After lunch, Alice – the school principal – and Fiona – the Nursery class teacher – will take us on a tour of the Sonrise Ministries. They show us the farmland, the pigsty, the goat enclosure and most importantly the new Nursery School. Together we dance and pray for the new building and hope very much that we can win further sponsors for the completion.

In the afternoon we play with the children until we have to say goodbye for today. Before dinner, Alice and Fiona show the team how to dance in Uganda and how to do the hip movements known here. The day is crowned with a delicious dinner before we all fall into bed tired.



December 08th, 2018

Today we first take a walk through a typical Ugandan village on the way to the Babies Home. This is how the majority of the population lives in this country. In simple mud huts, which often have a separate kitchen outside. Kitchen here means a simple coal stove.

In the Babies Home we are asked to help build a small barn for the dairy cows and pregnant cows. The ground is first cleaned of plastic and then levelled it. Then we drill holes for the wooden beams, which have been sawn before, which are the fence support. We drive nails into the wooden beams, place them in the holes and fill them with concrete. The work is very tiring at these temperatures. In the end we are all pretty dirty. From Mzungu (white) there is only little to see.

After a refreshing shower we go to Kamuli, where we will spend the next days. Please forgive us if the diary is not continued here for a short time, because we probably don’t have internet in Kamuli. But of course we catch up on everything.



December 07th, 2018

Today we spend the morning with the girls again and learn the next steps in the production of the painted cards. We are also allowed to assemble more individual necklaces, bracelets and earrings from the paper beads. Meanwhile Mario helps in the kitchen. He absolutely wants to have the recipe for the beans.

In the afternoon we drive to the centre of Jinja. Everyone is enthusiastic about the variety of fruit, vegetables, spices, meat and fish on the Central Market. Since it’s the season for grashoppers, we couldn’t miss the snack on the way…grilled grashoppers fresh from the market. Also the obligatory souvenir Shopping must be carried out. In the evening we had typical street food from Uganda. Rolex. A lightly salted thick pancake – called Chapati here – followed by an omelette with tomatoes, onions and peppers. Both are then rolled together. Delicious 😛


December 06th, 2018

Today we visit the girls for the first time in their new home in Wakikoola. We are thrilled how beautiful the new building has become and that the second floor has already been occupied. In the meantime more than 340 students are attending the nearby school. There is also a dining area directly in front of the kitchen building. Due to the unplanned higher number of pupils, the building planned as a sewing room is currently also used as a classroom. Even a playground for the Nursery School students is available.

After the tour Daniel and Amos show us how to make the painted cards. We are allowed to do our own art work. Mario doesn’t let it get away and helps with the final preparation of the beans he has become so fond of. Afterwards he and Gabi help to distribute the food to all the girls and the caregivers.

In the afternoon we get an explanation how to make the paper beads known for Uganda. Everyone is allowed to put together their own individual bracelet, necklace or earrings in cooperation with the children. 


Dezember 05th, 2018

We were invited as guests of honour to the Open Speech Day in Kamuli. First we show the team the new houses of the children. Since the preparations for the festivities are still in progress, we are not allowed to go to school for the time being. Therefore we play with the children. The children especially enjoy using Mario’s long legs as a slide.

After almost two hours we are driven by car to the school, where we are already expected by the principal, a dance group and many guests. We follow the dance group to the front of the school. The head of the school gives a short speech and surprises us with the announcement that we can officially open the school today, although the school has already started in February 2018. Together we cut the ribbon after a small countdown. We all feel very honoured.

But the next surprise is not long in coming. At the entrance of the school there is a sign, which was hidden. We are asked to uncover this sign. When we realize what is there, we are all deeply moved and tears are in our eyes. There Henkel and Peace’s Hope e.V. are named as sponsors for the school.

After a short tour through the school we are led to the party area. Since we are the guests of honour, we have to sit on the seats of honour. There will be a wonderful program with a colourful mixture of dancing, singing and speeches. Of course we also have to dance along and say a few words to the guests.

Another honor is bestowed on us when we are asked to hand over the final certificate to graduates of the 1st school year. The celebration ends with a delicious meal before we set off again to Jinja.


December 04th, 2018

We’ll get a good night’s sleep tonight. Then we sort the donation cases. After lunch we go to the Sonrise Babies Home. The joy of seeing each other again is great, even if most of the babies are still asleep. Auntie Peace is very happy about the T-shirt with her picture. Little by little the toddlers wake up and the room fills up more and more. Everyone enjoys playing with the babies. Damali gives us colours with which we paint the faces of the little ones. Of course, it’s not just the children. A beautiful first day comes to an end with a delicious dinner.



December 03rd, 2018

In the early morning hours and with an hour delay we land in Entebbe. After last year’s experience, we start to worry about whether all our suitcases have reached their destination as well. Great relief as all the suitcases stand in front of us. We drive from the airport to the Hotel Sunset Entebbe to pick up Heidi. Now the team is complete for the first days.

From the hotel we go directly to Kampala, where after a marvelous breakfast we start to buy Christmas presents for the 151 children of the Sonrise Ministries and caregivers. We buy lots of gifts, food, hygiene articles and urgently needed household items. In the evening we needed hours through Kampala’s after-work traffic towards Jinja. Far after midnight we arrive at the guesthouse. After more than 40 hours without sleep we fall into bed tired.


December 02nd, 2018

Finally the trip starts 🙂 After a long preparation time five of us make our way to Uganda. Heidi flies from Paris as well as Mario, Nina, Sarah and Gabi from Düsseldorf. Heidi reaches Entebbe the same evening and spends a night in the hotel. The other four have a night flight ahead of them. Except for a little delay in Istanbul, everything goes smoothly.